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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  016.929/Hamilton Bibliography of genealogical and historical materials for ethnic minority research Hamilton, Darlene
View Record  975.2/Prince Geo/Bibliography Bibliography of published genealogical source records Prince George's co MD
View Record  929.11/Black Genealogy Bibliography of sources for black family history in the Allen County Public Library Genealogy Department Witcher, Curt Bryon (Compiler)
View Record  929.2/Bidwell/Bidwell Bidwell Family History 1587-1982, Volume I Bidwell, Joan J., compiler
View Record  976/A/Ely Big sandy valley: a history of the people and country from the earliest settlement to the present time Ely, William
View Record  977.465/A/Triplett Big trout black gold Triplett, Dawn editor
View Record  977.2/Blackford/Biographical Biographical and historical record of Blackford county Indiana: this is the reprinted Blackford county section out of the original combined 1887 history of Jay and Blackford counties
View Record  973.3/Sabine/vol 1/vol 2 Biographical sketches of loyalists of the American revolution with an historical essay Sabine, Lorenzo
View Record  977.432/A/Birth v.3 pt. 2 Birth records Monroe county Michigan 1878-1879: volume 3 part 2 with index
View Record  977.432/Monroe/Birth Vol. 16 Birth records Monroe county Michigan 1896-1987 volume 16 with index
View Record  977.432/Monroe/Birth vol 17 Birth records Monroe county Michigan 1897-1899 volume 17 with index
View Record  977.432/A/Birth Birth records Monroe county Michigan: volume 3 1876-1878 with index
View Record  977.432/Monroe/Birth/Volume 4 Birth records Monroe county Michigan: volume 4 1879-1880 with index
View Record  977.432/A/Birth/V.2 Birth Records Monroe County, Michigan Volume 2 1875-1876
View Record  977.432/A/Birth Birth records of Monroe county Michigan 1867-1875 with index
View Record  977.432/Monroe/Birth vol 18 Birth records of Monroe county Michigan 1899-1900 volume 18 with index
View Record  974.8/Schuylkill/Rupp Birthplaces of 1400 early residents of Schuykill county Pennsylvania Rupp, Israel D. compiler
View Record  977.435/Superior/Births Births in Superior Township 1918-1952 Williams, Karl compiler
View Record  971.3/Leeds/Brockville Births, Marriages, Deaths Notices from the Brockville Papers 1830-1849
View Record  929.2/Bisbee/Edgerton Bisbee family Edgarton, Brian G.
View Record  977.435 Ann Arbor Gibson Black America series: another Ann Arbor Gibson, Carol
View Record  929.11/Black/Washington Black family research: records of post-civil war federal agencies at the National Archives: reference information paper 108 Washington, Reginald compiler
View Record  929.11/Black/Blockson Black genealogy Blockson, Charles L.
View Record  929.11 African American Rose Black genesis: a resource book for African-American genealogy 2nd edition Rose, James M. PhD. & Alice Eichholz, PhD., C G
View Record  929.1/native american/walton-raji Black Indian genealogy research: African American ancestors among the five civilized tribes Walton-Raji, Angela Y.
View Record  929.11/Black/Burroughs Black Roots: A Beginner's Guide to Tracing the African American Family tree Burroughs, Tony
View Record  977.415/Blendon Blendon Township Records Ottawa County, Michigan
View Record  976.9/A Bluegrass roots: vol 19, no 1-4, 1992
View Record  977.428/Leoni/Zacharias Board of health records Nov. 12, 1912-Apr. 19, 1919: abstractred from the journal of W.H. Green Zacharias, Susan and Zywocki, Christine abstractors
View Record  977.1/Logan/Bokescreek Bokescreek & Rush Twps. Logan County, Ohio cemetery records Early Cemetery, Goodhope Cemetery, Grabiel Farm Cemetery, Hathaway Cemetery, misc. burials Bokescreek Cemetery, Coover Cemetery, Dorman Cemetery, Equality Cemetery, Harper Cemetery, Hathcock Cemetery, Jasinsky Cemetery, Miami Cemetery, Rushsylvania Cemetery, Stanfield Cemetery
View Record  929.11 African American Dykes Books on Family History and Genealogy Dykes, Dewitt S., Jr., Compiler
View Record  971.3/A/Taylor Books you need to do genealogy in Ontario: an annotated bibliography Taylor, Ryan
View Record  929.2/Green/Yodhes Bowling Green, Justice of the Peace in New Salem, Illinois Yodhes, Valerie
View Record  977.4 A Bradstreet's Bradstreet's Book of Commercial Ratings Michigan Selected Under Specific Agreement, From the General Volume, Which is Copyrighted January, 1924
View Record  943/Braunschweig/Minert Braunschweig, Oldenburg, and Thuringia place name indexes: identifying place names using alphabetical and reverse alphabetical indexes Minert, Roger P., PhD., A.G.
View Record  977.435/W Bridgewater township scrapbook
View Record  977.435/Bridgewater Bridgewater township, Washtenaw co, Michigan contents: the organization of Bridgewater
View Record  929.2/Bri/M Briner Family History: A Genealogy of George Michael Breiner and Anna Catherine Lay, Married 1756/7 in Pennsylvania Myers, Forrest D., and Jerry A. Clouse
View Record  973.5/Scott British Aliens in the United States during the War of 1812 Scott, Kenneth, comp.
View Record  975.2 A Barnes vol.1,2 British roots of Maryland families Barnes, Robert W.
View Record  977.45/Ewers Broken ties; The scrapbooks of Bessie Townsend, Obituaries of Central Michigan pioneers Ewers, Fran (Townsend)
View Record  977.435 Ann Arbor Brooks street: early history Potter, William Midgley III, compiler
View Record  977.435/Webster/Parker Brookwater farm of Webster township - 184 years of agricultural leadership: the story of the Boyden, Alexander, Mumford and Zeeb families of Webster townhsip, Washtenaw county, Michigan Parker, James Baldwin
View Record  977.6/Brown/Fritsche Brown County (new ulm) Minnesota pioneers and their families: excerpted from history of Brown County, Minnesota: its people, industries and institutions Fritsche, L. A. Dr.
View Record  929.2/Bryant/Bryant Bryant backtrails
View Record  929.2/McConnaughey/M Bulletin McConnaughey Society of America.
View Record  977.435/Superior/Burial Burial Record Book; United Memorial Gardens 1929-1954. Williams, Karl compiler
View Record  976.9/Mason/Burial Burial records Maysville-Mason county cemetery Heflin, Donald Lee
View Record  977.431/Adrian/Burial Burial records of Lenawee county,. Michigan: volume 5 Adrian township Lenawee County Family Researchers
View Record  977.435/Saline Burials in Oakwood Cemetery with additional information Clark, Ella M., compiler
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Records: 301 to 350 of 2537