The Genealogical Society of Washtenaw County offers books and journals for sale listed below. All prices include tax. To order by mail: print and fill out the order form. Mail it with a check to:
Genealogical Society of Washtenaw County, Michigan, Inc.
P.O. Box 7155
Ann Arbor, MI 48107-7155

Cemetery Inscriptions of Saline Township, Washtenaw County, Michigan, Inscriptions of four rural cemeteries with history and plot maps. Oakhill Cemetery, Saline City, not included. Paper, 63 pages, indexed. GSWC, 1984. $9.00 + $3.00 p&h
Directory of Cemeteries of Washtenaw County, Michigan, Descriptions of all known cemeteries arranged by township with location maps. Sources of known tombstone transcriptions are noted. Spiral bound, 48 pages, GSWC, 2nd ed., rev. 1997. $10.00 + $3.00 p&h
Index of 1894 Census for Washtenaw County, Michigan, Compiled by the Sarah Caswell Angell Chapter of the NSDAR. All names found on the Michigan State Census for 1894, listed alphabetically. The location of the original census as well as the microfilm copy is noted. Includes a separate supplement. Unbound photocopy, 225 pages. GSWC, 1984. $25.00 + $4.00 p&h
Index to Adam Christman's Ann Arbor: The Changing Scene, Ellen Stamelos, GSWC, 2002. 42 pages. $6.00 + $2.50 p&h
Index to Grace Shackman's Ann Arbor in the 19th Century, A Photographic History, Ellen Stamelos, GSWC, 2002. 24 pages. $5.00 + $2.50 p&h
Index to James Mann's Ypsilanti, A History in Pictures, Ellen Stamelos, GSWC, 2004. 20 pages. $5.00 + $2.50 p&h
Index to O. W. Stephenson's Ann Arbor: The First Hundred Years, Ellen Stamelos, GSWC, 2001. 84 pages. $11.00 + $2.50 p&h
Inscriptions of Lodi Cemetery, Lodi Township, Washtenaw County, Michigan, Genealogical Society of Washtenaw County, 2004, 112 pages. $13.00 + $2.00 p&h
Inscriptions of Bethel Cemetery, Freedom Township, Washtenaw County, Michigan, GSWC, 2004, 82 pages. $10.00 + $2.00 p&h
Family History Capers, GSWC. This journal, published quarterly since 1977, emphasizes county records and history and includes queries and materials by members on their families and research. A master index is available here. Starting with volume 8 (1984-85), an annual volume index is included with issue #4. Please contact for pricing on individual issues.
We strongly urge you to consider purchasing a GSWC membership rather than buying individual issues of Family History Capers. You will have access to all back issues of Capers online in the members-only portion of the GSWC website as well as other members-only databases and benefits.
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