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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  929.2/Pro/P A Genealogy of Descendants of Robert Proctor Proctor, William Lawrence, and Mrs. W. L. Proctor
View Record  929.2/Nye/N A Genealogy of the American Nyes of English Origin, Volume 1, Generations 1-8 Nye, L. Bert, Jr., comp.
View Record  929.2/Osgood/O A Genealogy of the Descendants of John Christopher and William Osgood Who Came from England and Settled in New England Early in the Seventeenth Century Osgood, Ira, comp.
View Record  929.2/Ingersoll/A A Genealogy of the Ingersoll Family Avery, Lillian Drake
View Record  929.2/Roedell/Roedell A German pioneer in America Herman F.A. Roedell, his ancestors, and his descendants Roedell, Elizabeth Anne
View Record  President's copy A guide for the organization and management of genealogical societies; editedby Betty Robertson Kaufman
View Record  900/Cu A guide for the writing of local history Cumming, John
View Record  977.3/Tur A Guide to County Records in the Illinois Regional Archives Turnbaugh, Roy C., Jr.
View Record  941.5 A Mitchell churches A guide to Irish churches and graveyards Mitchell, Brian compiler
View Record  977.43/ A Guide to Local History Sources in the Huron Valley Library System Callard, Carole
View Record  971.3/A/Guide A guide to Ontario Land Registry records
View Record  975.2/A A Guide to the Index Holdings at the Hall of Records State of Maryland Dept. of General Services, Hall of Records
View Record  977.4/Bro A guide to the State Archives of Michigan: state records Brown, Valerie G.
View Record  929.1 Handy A Handy Guide to the Genealogical Library and Church History Department [Salt Lake City]
View Record  929.2/All/A A History and Genealogical Record of the Alling-Allens of New Haven, Conn. Allen, George P.
View Record  974.4/Middlesex/Watson A history f the trinitarian congregational church 1826-1998 Watson, Robert A.
View Record  977.438 Avon P A history of Avon township 1820-1940 Pray, Eula
View Record  976.6/Beaver co/History/v.2 A history of Beaver County v II 1971
View Record  977.435/Manchester/History A History of Emanuel Church Manchester Michigan
View Record  977.5/Marion/History A history of Marion County West Virginia
View Record  975.4/A/Johnston A history of middle New River settlements and contiguous territory Johnston, David E.
View Record  929.2/Phillips/Phillips A history of Rev. George Phillips and his American descendants Phillips, Robert H.
View Record  975.5/Mor A history of Rockbridge County, Virginia. Morton, Oren F.
View Record  977.435/Cro A History of St. Andrew's Church, Ann Arbor, Michigan Cross, Arthur Lyon
View Record  929.2/Beauchamp/Brown A History of the Beauchamp Family and Some Allied Lines, second edition Brown, Rosemary Beauchamp
View Record  977.435 Ann Arbor Davis A history of the Congregational Church in Ann Arbor, 1847-1947 Davis, Calvin Olin
View Record  974.7/A/Hotchkin A History of the Purchase and Settlement of Western New York and of the Rise, Progress, and Present State of the Presbyterian Church in That Section. Hotchkin, James A., Rev.
View Record  929.2/Watson A History of the Watson Family Eminent in Northampton [Massachusetts] 1860-1948 Sampson, Myra M.
View Record  974.7/Sea A History of Trumansburg, New York, 1792-1967 Sears, Lydia
View Record  929.2/Jenks/C A Jenks genealogy, with allied families Cleary,Helen Clark Jenks
View Record  929.2/Rai/H A Letter to My Raney "Cousins" about Our Ancestor James Rainey Hess, Betty Raney
View Record  974.7/Seneca/Romulus A little history: the Henry DePue house on cherry hill 1804-1989 Walker, Elroy P.
View Record  929.11 Dictionaries McLaughlin A McLaughlin guide: illegitimacy McLaughlin, Eve
View Record  929.11 Dictionaries McLaughlin A McLaughlin guide: simple latin for family historians McLaughlin, Eve
View Record  929.11 Dictionaries Jerger A medical miscellany for genealogists Jerger, Dr. Jenaette L.
View Record  325/Myers A migration study of the thirty-two states and four organized territories comprising the United States in 1850 based upon the Federal Census of 1850 Myers, Eleanor (compiler)
View Record  941.5 A Mitchell A new genealogical atlas of Ireland Mitchell, Brian
View Record  974.8 A Lancaster A New Index. Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania. Before the Federal Census, Vol. 1 Hawbaker, Gary T and Clyde L Groff
View Record  929.2/Gr/G A partial history of the Greathouse family in America Greathouse, Jack Murray
View Record  977.435/Ann A Passport to Ann Arbor Frisinger, Joseph A.
View Record  929.2/Patch/Amsbury A Patch-Amsbury family chronicle Allied lines Gillett, Manning, Marsden, Norcross Amsbury, Doris M.
View Record  929.2/Huston/Otis A pedigree of the descendants of Samuel Huston (Houston) 1720-1776 of Dunstable (now Nashua) and Lyndeboro (town name Lynderborough) Hillsborou Co. New Hampshire and related families Otis, Erwin J.
View Record  929.11 Census Saldana A Practical Guide to "Misteaks" Made in Census Indexes Saldana, Richard H., ed.
View Record  929.1 Smith A Practical Guide to Dating Systems for Genealogists Smith, Kenneth L.
View Record  975.5/A/Preliminary A preliminary guide to pre 1904 county records in the Virginia State Library and Archives
View Record  929.11 Preservation Sagraves A Preservation guide: saving the past and the present for the future Sagraves, Barbara
View Record  941.5/War A Primer for Irish Genealogical Research Ward, William R.
View Record  977.435/A/Nenadic A Purse of Her Own Occupations of Women in the Nineteenth Century Nenadic, Susan L.
View Record  929.2/Patton/Munday A record of the family of John Patton the 1900 edition updated to the present time Munday, H.A.
View Record  974.7/A/Hunt A Research Guide for the New York 1910 Federal Census. Hunt, Ann comp.
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Records: 101 to 150 of 2725