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Records: 501 to 550 of 2537
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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  929.2 Coy Mallon Coy family genealogy Mallon, Zelma Naomi Coy
View Record  929.2/Craft Craft family history Craft, Clifford Justin, Dr.
View Record  929.1 Larsen Crash course in family history : how to discover your family tree and stories : step-by-step illustrated guidebook and comprehensive resource directory Larsen, Paul
View Record  977.437/Flint/Taylor Cronk cemetery Flint township Genesee co., Michigan burial records 1811-1998 (revised & updated) Taylor, Michael F. compiler
View Record  942/Liverpool/Jarvis Custom letter-books of the port of Liverpool 1711-1813 Jarvis, Rupert C., editor
View Record  948.9/A/Danmark Danmark 1:100 000 topografisk atlas
View Record  929.3/Dau/pt 1-3 DAR patriot index centennial edition: Parts 1-3 National Society of the Daughters of the American Rvolution Centennial Administration
View Record  974.8/Dauphin/Iscrupe Dauphin county PA marriages 1793-1810 Iscrupe, William L. compiler
View Record  929.2/Da Davis-Geddes family, Lodi Township, Washtenaw Co., [Michigan]
View Record  929.11/Native American/Carter Dawes commission: and the allotment of the five civilized tribes, 1893-1914 Carter, Kent
View Record  977.426/Lansing MI Death and Marriage Items Abstracted from the Lansing State Republican 1861-1871 and Some Divorces and Name Changes Noted in the Michigan Territorial and State Laws deZeeuw, Donald J., Fern Lawhead deZeeuw, & Ruth Whipple Kapphahn
View Record  977.4/Mi Death and marriage items reported in the Lansing State Republican, 1855-1860. Mid-Michigan Geneaological Society
View Record  971.3/A/Reid Death notices of Ontario. Reid, William D.
View Record  977.432/A/Death v. 2 Death records of Monroe county Michigan: volume 2 1879-1888 with index
View Record  977.432/A/Death Death records of Monroe county Michigan: volume 3 1889-1897 with index
View Record  977.432/A/Death Death records of Monroe County, Michigan; volume 1 1867-1878 with index
View Record  977.435/A/Death Death records of Washtenaw county, Michigan, beginning 1867, book one, pages 1-106, extracted and printed in Detroit society for genealogical research magazine, volumes 34, 35, and 35
View Record  977.438 Waterford Death Death records Waterford township Oakland county MI Lancaster, Beverly
View Record  974.8/Lebanon/Heilman Deaths reported by Der Libanon Demokrat: a german language newspaper published and Lebanon, Pennsylvania 1832-1864 Heilman, Robert A. translator and transcriber
View Record  943/A/Minert Deciphering handwriting in German documents: analyzing German, Latin, and French in vital records written in Germany Minert, Roger P., PhD., A.G.
View Record  975.1/A/Delaware Delaware genealogical research guide
View Record  975.1/A/Delaware Delaware Genealogical Society Journal
View Record  929.2/Denison/Denison Denison genealogy: ancestors and descendants of Captain George Denison Denison, E. Glenn
View Record  941.5A/Denomination Denomination and location of chapel and starting date of records when known
View Record  977.433Van Burne/Denton Denton cemetery Gerick, Robert Williams compiler
View Record  929.2/Borntraeger/Hochstetler Descendants and ancestors of Johann Martin Borntraeger: of the province of Hesse, Germany, Althornbach, the Palatinate, Meyersdale and Johnstown, Pennsylvania Hochstetler, Dan A.
View Record  929.2/Eash/Eash Descendants of bishop Jacob Eash: born in Dauphin county, Pennsylvania A.D. 1774 Eash, Levi T.
View Record  929.2/Erb/Erb Descendants of David Erb Erb, Henry L. compiler
View Record  929.2/Steere/Milhous Descendants of David Steere and Phebe Milhous Milhouse, Dororthy z. & Stewart, Hazel A., compilers
View Record  929.2/Whamond/Wurtz Descendants of David Whamond and Jane McDougall 1858-2008 Wurtz, Betty Whamond
View Record  929.2/Otis/W Descendants of Dr. Ephraim Otis and Sarah (Harris) Otis Weis, Robert Lewis
View Record  929.2/Wood Descendants of Edward Wood, the elder of Charleston, Mass, died Nov. 27, 1642 and his wife Ruth Mousell died Aug. 27, 1642 (both born in England) Lyman Wood Line, Racine Wisconsin. Book I
View Record  929.2/Pat Descendants of Isaac Patten, Sr., and his wife, Jane Norris: An Early Pioneer Family in Sullivan Co., Indiana Swanson, Ernest C.
View Record  929.2/Raber/Raber Descendants of Jacob Raber: from Germany and his lineal descendants chronologically arranged with alphabetical index Raber, Mr. & Mrs. Albert A., et al
View Record  929.2/Schaible/Reese Descendants of Jacob Schaible, Johan Adam Pfeiffle and Paul Marx who emigrated from Wuerttemberg, Germany to Washtenaw county, Michigan Reese, Norma J.
View Record  929.2/Gna Descendants of Johanes Gnage and John Kenege, Sr., and Related Families Kenaga, Eugene E.
View Record  929.2/Bryan/Wake Descendants of John A. Bryan Wake, May Lyn
View Record  929.2/Hutchins/Byam Descendants of John Hutchins of Newbury and Haverhill, Massachusetts Byam, Edwin Colby and Jack Randolph Hutchins
View Record  929.2/Ch Descendants of Jonathan Chandler of Concord, Mass.
View Record  929.2/Burton/Holman Descendants of Josiah Burton of Manchester VT Holman, Winifred Lovering
View Record  929.2/Yoder/Yoder Descendants of Michel Yoder: from Germany and his lineal descendants chronologically arranged with alphabetical index 1788 to 1977 Yoder, Roy A.
View Record  929.2/Stu Descendants of Samuel Sturdevant Sturtevant, Robert Hunter
View Record  929.2/Gates/McCarthy Descendants of Stephen Gates and Anne Amos of Huntington, Long Island, New York McCarthy Caole, Ivory, JoAnne, Ivory, Susan A.
View Record  929.2/Glynn/Hoffrichter Descendants of Sylvia (Tuller) & Edward Glynn 1825-2001 Hoffrichter, Ellen Thornton compiler
View Record  929.2/Lowden/Witten Descendants of William Lowden Witten, Joyce Collar
View Record  974.7/A/Eakle Descriptive Inventory of The New York Collection Eakle, Arlene H and L. Ray Gunn
View Record  977.434/St Detroit in 1820. Sterling, Pauline
View Record  977.433/Detroit/Detroit Detroit Society for Genealogical Research Magazine
View Record  977.433/Detroit/Index 1-10 Detroit Society for Genealogical Research Magazine cumulative index volumes I-X
View Record  977.434/Ro Detroit: the story of some street names Rosalita, Sister
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Records: 501 to 550 of 2537