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Records: 1351 to 1400 of 2591
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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  929.2/Kincaid/K Kincaid-Claypool descendants; Mountain Tom Kincaid's second family of Central West Virginia and 34 other states Kincaid, William Harold
View Record  976.8/A/White King's mountain men: the story of the battle with sketches of the American soldiers who took part White, Katherine Keogh
View Record  929.11/Dictionaries Kinship: it's all relative Arnold, Jackie Smith
View Record  941/Aberdeen/Spiers Kirkyard of Keithall & Kinkell Spiers, Sheila M. compiler
View Record  977.433/Northville/Knapp Knapp Cemetery; cemetery on section thirty-five South side of 9 Mile Road, between Meadowbrook and Novi Roads, transcribed by Mrs. Gloria J. Collins...29 March, 1989
View Record  929.1/Wil Know your ancestors: a guide to genealogical research. Williams, Ethel W.
View Record  929.2/Ran/J Known descendants of Timothy Randall and Julia Ann (Chapin) Randall Judson, Helen C. Tubbs, comp.
View Record  973/Pe Known Military Dead during the American Revolutionary War of 1775-1783 Peterson, Charles Steward
View Record  973.3/Peterson Known military dead during War of 1812 Peterson, Clarence Stewart compiler
View Record  943.8/A/Chorzempa Korzenie Polskie Polish roots Chorzempa, Rosemary A.
View Record  977.425/Laingsburg Laingsburg alumni banquet Saturday June 21, 1980: Laingsburg high school graduates 1887-1980
View Record  977.436/Howell/new Lakeview Cemetery New Division Howell, Michigan
View Record  929.11/Land/Hone Land and property research in the United States Hone, E. Wade
View Record  977.472/A/Atlas Land atlas and plat book Calhoun county Michigan 1987
View Record  977.426/A/Atlas Land atlas and plat book Ingham county Michigan 1984-1985
View Record  977.417/A/Atlas Land atlas and plat book Kalamazoo county Michigan 1983
View Record  977.492/A/Atlas Land atlas and plat book Luce county Michigan 1981
View Record  977.432/A/Land Land atlas and plat book Monroe county Michigan 1990
View Record  977.478/A/Atlas Land atlas and plat book Oscoda county MI 1981
View Record  977.435 A Land Land atlas and plat book Washtenaw County Michigan 1999
View Record  929.11/Land/Stephenson Land ownership maps: a checklist of nineteenth century United States county maps in the Library of Congress Stepenson, Richard W.
View Record  929.11/Land/Stephenson Land ownership maps: a checklist of nineteenth century United States county maps in the Library of Congress; comp. by Richard W. Stephenson.
View Record  943 A Uncapher Lands of the German Empire and Before, 2nd. ed. Uncapher, Wendy K.
View Record  977.429 A Peck Landsmen of Hillsdale County: an atlas and plat of the first landowners of Hillsdale County Peck, Paul R.
View Record  977.428 A Peck Landsmen of Jackson county revised Peck, Paul R.
View Record  977.432 A Peck Landsmen of Monroe County : an atlas and plat of first landowners of Monroe County, Michigan. Peck, Paul R.
View Record  977.435 A Peck Landsmen of Washtenaw County: An Atlas and Plat of the First Landowners of Washtenaw County, Michigan Peck, Paul R.
View Record  977.433/A/Peck Landsmen of Wayne county: an atlas and plat of the first landowners of Wayne county Michigan Peck, Lt Col Paul R. USAF (Ret)
View Record  977.431/A/Peck Landsment of Lenawee county Peck, Lt. Col. Paul R. USAF retired
View Record  929.11/Computers/Reschke Learning the new Personal Ancestral File 5.0 with quick and easy instructions Reschke, Elaine M.
View Record  971.3/A/Stratford-Devai/Leaving Leaving Ontario Sources For Tracking Ontario Migrants Stratford-Devai, Fawne
View Record  929.2/Lee/Lee Family Lee Family Quarter-Millennial Gathering of the Descendants and Kinsmen of John Lee, one of the Early Settlers of Farmington, Conn. Held in Hartford, Conn. Tuesday and Wednesday, aug. 5th and 6th, 1884.
View Record  929.2/Lee/Hendrick Lees of Virginia: biography of a family Hendrick, Burton J.
View Record  977.435 Ann Arbor Ahnen Legends and Legacies (memories) Ahnen, Pearl Kastran
View Record  977.435 Northfield GSWC Leland Cemetery, Northfield Township, Washtenaw County, Michigan GSWC
View Record  977.431/A/Lenawee Lenawee county cemeteries
View Record  977.431/A/Lenawee Lenawee County Michigan genealogical resources Dickerson, Jeanette; Derbyshire, Keith; Findley, Jackie
View Record  977.431/A/Lenawee Lenawee county Michigan genealogical resources Dickerson, Jeannette; Derbyshire, Keith; Findley, Jackie compilers
View Record  973.3/Letter Letter from the secretary of war transmitting a report of the names, rank, and line of every person placed on the pension list, in pursuance of the act of the 18th March 1818, &c/
View Record  977.435/Bid Letters Home; the Story of Ann Arbor's Forty-Niners Bidlack, Russell E.
View Record  929.2/Johnson/Ormsbee Letters to Sarah Ann Olds Johnson written to her by her relatives and friends between 1857 and 1887 Ormsbee, Mary Chalfant editor
View Record  977.428/A/Lexicon Lexicon
View Record  974.4/Pi Lexington, the Birthplace of American Liberty Piper, Fred S.
View Record  977.432/A/Libers Libers a, b & c register of deeds office, Monroe county, Michigan March 21. 1806 to May 21, 1818: French material translated by Ralph Naveaux, edited, typed and indexed by Dan and Shirley Muszynski
View Record  977.1/Logan/Liberty Liberty & Monroe Townships Logan County, Ohio cemetery records Cooper Farm, Hanger, McCracken, Muddy Run, South Union, West Liberty, Green, Mac-o-chee, McCullough, Peele, Piatt, Pickrell, Pickrelltown, Pisgah, Westland, Yoder, Yoder Burial Ground
View Record  929.2/Smi/H Lieut. Samuel Smith: his children and one line of descendants and related families Hook, James William, compiler
View Record  929.2/Able/Underwood Life on the Farm Memories of the Abel Family Seydal, Irma
View Record  929.11 Adoption Klunder Lifeline: the action guide to adoption research Klunder, Virgil L.
View Record  977.435/W Lima township scrapbook
View Record  929.2 ZZ Links, a surname index of the membership
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Records: 1351 to 1400 of 2591