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Records: 1401 to 1450 of 2558
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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  974.7/Sev Long Island Genealogical Source Material Severance, Herbert F. and Kenn Stryker-Rodda
View Record  977.435/Northf/Henning Looking back: the history of Northfield township and the Whitmore Lake area Hennings, Thomas P.
View Record  929.2/Loper/Loper Loper family Loper, Cleveland
View Record  929.2/Loper/Wood Loper, Keller, Van Meter, allied lines: Rhoads, Keele, Searles, Haynes, and many other pioneer settlers of Macoupin county, Illinois Wood, Melba
View Record  929.2/Dow/D Lorenzo Dow, 1777-1834
View Record  975.5/Loudon/Hiatt vol. 1 Loudon county tithables 1758-1786 volume 1: [1749], 1758-1769 Hiatt, Marty
View Record  975.5/Loudon/Hiatt vol 2 Loudon county Virginia tithables 1758-1786 volume 2: 1770-1778 with index Hiatt, Marty
View Record  975.5/Loudon/Hiatt vol. 3 Loudon county Virginia tithables 1758-1786 volume 3: 1779-1786 Hiatt, Marty
View Record  975/Clark/Vol 1/Vol 2/Vol 3 Loyalists in the southern campaign of the revolutionary war: volume 1: official rolls of loyalists recruited from North and South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, and Louisiana: volume 2: official rolls of loyalists recruited from Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and those recruited from other colonies for the British legion, guides and pioneers, loyal foresters, and queen's rangers: volume 3: official rolls of loyalists recruited from the middle Atlantic colonies with refugees from other colonies Clark, Murtie June
View Record  929.2/Lucado Lucadou, Lookado, Luckado, Lookado and Lucado Family History Griffin, Carolyn Leigh Lucado
View Record  977.435/W Lyndon township scrapbook
View Record  929.1/Dollarhide Managing a genealogical project; A complete manual for the management and organization of Genealogical materials Dollarhide, William
View Record  977.435/Manchester/1997 Manchester area historical society 1997 calendar: the civil war era
View Record  977.435/W Manchester township scrapbook
View Record  977.435/Manchester Manchester, Washtenaw co. Michigan contents: the first schools, the history of the spafard school
View Record  977.3/A/Gooldy Manual for Illinois genealogical research Gooldy, Pat and Ray
View Record  977.4/A Map Guide to the U. S. Census 1810-1920 Michigan Dollarhide, William, and William Thorndale
View Record  977.437/Grand Blanc/Hardenburg Maple (Gibson) cemetery Grand Blanc twp., Genesee co., Michigan burial records 1835-1997 Hardenburg, Ilene M. editor
View Record  977.433/Westland/Maple Maple Grove cemetery tombstone inscriptions:(with genealogical notes) Westland, Michigan, Wayne county
View Record  976.9/McCracken/Birchfield/ Maplelawn Park Cemetery Paducah, Kentucky Birchfield, Steven A.
View Record  974.8 A Maps Maps Showing the Development of Pennsylvania
View Record  975.7/A/Holcomb Marriage and death notices from Baptist newspapers of South Carolina, 1835-1865. Holcomb, Brent H. comp.
View Record  975.7/A/Holcomb Marriage and death notices from the up-country of South Carolina: as taken from the Greenville newspapers 1826-1863 Holcomb, Brent H., C.A.L.S., compiler
View Record  977.433/A/Lambert Marriage and death notices Wayne county, Michigan 1809-1868: newspaper notices from Michigan newspapers at the Michigan Historical Collection Bentley Historical Library University of Michigan Lambert, Marguerite N. abstracter
View Record  977.426 A Marriage Announcements 1859-1868 1876-1877 and Death Notices 1859-1868 & 1876 Extracted from The Ingham County News Newspapers
View Record  973/M Marriage Notices 1785-1794 for the Whole United States copied from the Massachusetts Centinel and the Columbian Centinel Bolton, Charles Knowles
View Record  975.7/A Marriage notices in the South Carolina and American general gazette: from May 30, 1766, to February 28, 1781 and its successor the royal gazette (1781-1782)
View Record  971/Ontario/Reid Marriage notices of Ontario Reid, William D.
View Record  975.5/A/Vogt Marriage records in the Virginia State Library: a researcher's guide Vogt, John
View Record  977.422/A/Lancaster Marriage records of Calhoun county, Michigan 1836-1890 Lancaster, Beverly M., compiler
View Record  977.432/A/Marriage Marriage records of Lee Smith, justice of the peace, Monroe county, Michigan July 1922-July 1926: copied and indexed by Shirley and Dan Muszynski December 1992
View Record  977.432/A/Marriage Marriage records of Monroe County, Michigan ithe indexes: volume 1 1818-1864, volume 2 1865-1878, volume 3 1878-1887, volume 4 1887-1896, volume 5 1896-1903
View Record  977.438 A Marriage Marriage records of Oakland County Michigan 1827-1850 volumes I. II. III Howlett, Mrs Edward
View Record  977.433/Detroit/Kelley Marriage records Ste. Anne church Detroit 1701-1850 Kelley, Sahron A. editor
View Record  971/Ontario/Bathurst Dist Marriage registers of Upper Canada/Canada West: volume 5 Bathurst district 1831-1852 Walker, Dan
View Record  977.438 Kennedy Marriage returns for Oakland County, Michigan 1836 - 1884 Kennedy, Ruth S.
View Record  942/A Marriage, census and other indexes for family historians: fourt edition Gibson, Jeremy & Hampson, Elizabeth
View Record  940/A/Gibson Marriage, census, and other indexes for family historians, 4th ed. Gibson, Jeremy/Hampson, Elizabeth
View Record  976.2/A Marriages and Deaths from Mississippi Newspapers, 1801-1850 Wiltshire, Betty Couch, comp.
View Record  976.2/A Marriages and Deaths from Mississippi Newspapers, 1813-1850 Wiltshire, Betty Couch, cop.
View Record  974.7/Steuben/Martin Marriages and Deaths From Steuben County, New York Newspapers 1837-1868 Martin, Yvonne E.
View Record  974.7/Dutchess/Fishkill Marriages and deaths reported in the Fishkill Standard, Fishkill Landing, New York, 1874-1877 Chamberlain compiler, Katharine M.
View Record  977.432/A/Muszynski/marriages Marriages by P. H. Matthews justice of the peace Monroe county Michigan October 1913 - January 1916 Muszynski, Shirley and Dan
View Record  975.5/Bab Marriages of Campbell County, Va. 1782-1810 Barber, Lucy H. and Hazel L. Williamson, comp.
View Record  975.5/Bab Marriages of Campbell County, Virginia, 1782-1810, compiled by Lucy H. BAber and Hael Letts Williamson Baber, Lucy Harrison
View Record  976.8/Grainger/Whitely Marriages of Grainger county, Tennessee 1796-1837 Whitely compiler, Edyth Rucker
View Record  974.946/Gib Marriages of Monmouth County, New Jersey 1795-1843 Gibson, George and Florence, comp.
View Record  977.1/Ey Marriages of Noble County, Ohio [1851-1871] Eynon, Nola R., compiler
View Record  975.5/Pittsylvania/Williams Marriages of Pittsylvania county Virginia 1806-1830 Williams, Kathleen Booth compiler
View Record  974.8/Lebanon/Heilman Marriages reported by Der Libanon Demokrat: a german language newspaper published at Lebanon, Pennsylvania Heilman, Robert A. translator and transcriber
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Records: 1401 to 1450 of 2558