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Records: 1551 to 1600 of 2558
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View Record  Ask the librarian for film. Michigan: Washtenaw Co. United States. 1870 Census.
View Record  977.4/A/Michigan Michigan's early military forces: a roster of troops activated prior to the American civil war Barnett, Le Roy, compiler & Rosentreter, Roger
View Record  977.45/A/Michigana/18-35 Michigana an index to articles published in vol. 18-1 through 35-3 (Sept. 1990) / compiled by Kathy Tabb
View Record  977.45/A/Michigana/1965-1974 Michigana index 1965-1974
View Record  GSWC fiche Michigana Index, 1955-1964
View Record  974.9/Middlesex/Brown Middlesex county New Jersey: heirs to estates from partitions and divisions filed at New Brunswick 1780-1870 Brown,Virginia Alleman
View Record  977.448/A/Dobson/1872-1927 Midland Co. Michigan Obituary Index 1872-1927 Flaningam, Ora and Donalee
View Record  977.448/A/Dobson/1928-1950 Midland Co. Michigan Obituary Index 1928-1950 Dobson, Orville
View Record  977.448/A/Midland vol. 1 Midland county Michigan obituary index: 1851-1982 A-L Mass, Robert O., editor
View Record  977.448/A/Midland vol. 2 Midland county Michigan obituary index: 1951-1982 M-Z Mass, Robert O., editor
View Record  947/A/Migration/vol 1 & 5 Migration from the Russian empire: lists of passengers arriving at the port of New York volumes 1 and 5 Glazier, Ira A. editorq
View Record  947/A/Migration v. 6 Migration from the Russian Empire: lists of passengers arriving at U. S. ports volume 6 august 1890-June 1891 Glazier editor, Ira A.
View Record  973/Migration Migration trails map featuring twenty four of the major trails east of the Mississippi River [map]
View Record  325/M Migration, Emigration, Immigration Principally to the U.S. and in the U.S. Miller, Olga
View Record  973 Finnell Migrations west & backtracking east Finnell, Merlin
View Record  929.2/Priest/Dixon Mijamin Priest and his family: from William Penn's Colony to East Texas 1684 to 1884 Dixon, Ruth Priest
View Record  929.11/Land & Property/Rose Military boundy land 1776-1855 Rose, Christine
View Record  929.11/military/Heisey Military genealogical sources Heisey, John
View Record  929.11/Military/Sumner Military records at ancestry.com Sumner, Esther Yu
View Record  929.11/Military/National Military service records: a select catalog of National Archives microfilm publications National Archives Trust Fund Board
View Record  929.2/Miller/W Miller-Watson family tree Miller, Keith & Irene
View Record  971.4/A/Miller Miller's Manual: A Research Guide to the Major French-Canadian Genealogical Resources What they are and How to Use Them. Miller, Douglas J.
View Record  977.435/Superior/Board Minutes of the board of school inspectors of Superior township 1851-1911 Williams, Karl compiler
View Record  977.432/A/Miscellaneous Miscellaneous death records of Monroe county, Michigan: volume 1 1931-1941 with index
View Record  929.2/Bull/Bull Miscellaneous notes pedigrees, etc. relating to persons of the surname of Bull Bull, James H.
View Record  977.432 A Miscellaneous Miscellaneous records of Monroe county, Michigan Virginia Mehregan
View Record  977.435/Manchester/Mission Mission at Emanuel: a festival of remembrance October 3, 1993
View Record  976.2/A Mississippi genealogical exchange
View Record  976.2/A Mississippi Index of Wills, 1800-1900 Wiltshire, Betty Couch, comp.
View Record  976.2/A /Rowland Mississippi Territory in the war of 1812 Rowland, Mrs. Dunbar
View Record  977.8/A/Schweitzer Missouri genealogical research Schweitzer, George K., PhD, ScD
View Record  Film; in GSWC fiche/film drawer Monroe Co. New York. 1830 Census.
View Record  977.432/A/Monroe Monroe County Michigan 1880 federal census index
View Record  977.432/A/GSMC/marriage Monroe county Michigan marriage records index 1818-1903
View Record  977.432/A/Treadway/cemetery Monroe county, Michigan cemetery book vol 1: south of River, east of Telegraph to state line excluding Roselawn Memorial Park Treadway, Mark and Phyllis
View Record  978.6 A Richards Montana's Genealogical and Local History Records A Selected List of Books, Manuscripts and Periodicals Richards, Denise Lee
View Record  975.2/Montgomery Montgomery Circuit Records 1788-1988, Methodist Episcopal Methodist South and United Methodist Cuttler transcriber, Dona Lou
View Record  975.2/Mon Montgomery Co., Maryland 1800 Census
View Record  942/A/Monumental Monumental inscriptions in the library of the society of genealogists: part 1 southern England Collins, Lydia editor
View Record  929.11/Dictionaries/Chorzempa Morbus, why and how our ancestors died: a genealogist's dictionary of terms found in vital records with descriptions of the diseases as they relate to the health of our ancestors Chorzempa, Rosemary A.
View Record  974.6/Va More chronicles of a pioneer school, from 1792 to 1833, being added history on the Litchfield Female Academy kept by Miss Sarah Pierce and her nephew, John Pierce Brace. Vanderpoel, Emily Noyes, comp.
View Record  929.11/Photographs More dating old photographs 1840-1929 Family Chronicle
View Record  929.1/Jones/More More psychic roots: further adventures in serendipity & intuition in genealogy Jones, Henry Z. Jr
View Record  941/A/Dobson More Scottish settlers 1667-1827 Dobson, David
View Record  929.11 Dictionaries Drake More More what did they mean by that? a dictionary of historical terms for genealogists Drake, Paul
View Record  929.2/Morgan Morgan Migrations
View Record  929.2/Morrill/S Morrill Kindred in America Smith, Annie Morrill
View Record  929.2/Morrill/W/v.1 Morrill Lineage Williamson, Lois Fooshee, comp.
View Record  974.4/A/mortality Mortality schedule: Michigan 1850
View Record  929.11 Emigration and Immigration Morton Morton Allan Directory of European Passenger Steamship Arrivals : For the years 1890 to 1930 at the Port of New York and for the years 1904 to 1926 at the Ports of New York, Philadelphia, Boston and Baltimore.
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Records: 1551 to 1600 of 2558