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Records: 1301 to 1350 of 2558
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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  977.435 Ann Arbor Bidlack John Allen and the founding of Ann Arbor Bidlack, Russell
View Record  929.2/Blackwood/Schuyler John Blackwood of Northern Ireland and his American descendants Schuyler, James Owen compiler
View Record  929.2/Bray/Bray John Bray of county Queens, Ireland Bray, Daniel J.
View Record  929.2 Clark Schreck John Clark Descendants from New Jersey, New York, Michigan, Nebraska and Their Allied Families Baldwin, Berrian, Bowers, Casey, Cobb, Hauser, Heald, Jenkins, Lee, Marvel, Lundy, Overtruf, Schreck, Smith, Storie, Teichman Shreck, Mary Heald, comp.
View Record  929.2/Hoffstetler/D John Gottlieb Hoffstetter family of Ann Arbor
View Record  929.2/Howland/H John Howland, a Mayflower Pilgrim, edited and compiled by William Howland for the Pilgrim John Howland Society Howland, William, ed.
View Record  929.2/Lee/Lee John Lee of Farmington, Hartford co., Conn. and his descendants: containing over 4000 names 1634-1897 second edition Lee, Leonard and Lee, Sarah Fiske compilers
View Record  929.2/Marvin/Witten John Marvin, 1769-1838, Ancestors & Descendants, Original land-owner of "Milan" Witten, Joyce Collar
View Record  929.2/Wood Jonathan Wood genealogy 1791-1970 Komjathy, Beulah (Mrs.)
View Record  977.435 Webster Parker Journal Journal of Munnis Kenny, Michigan pioneer his 1828 journey of the Erie Canal from Putney, Vermont to Washtenaw County with James B. Parker's illustrated journal of his May 1985 automobile trip retracing Munnis Kenny's trip from his farm home in rural Vermont and his passage along the Erie Canal Parker, James Baldwin, Editor
View Record  929.2/Hannaford/Eyster Journey of the heart: a loving family memoir Eyster, Virginia Hannaford
View Record  977.2/Elkhart/Kalamazoo Kalamazoo valley family news letter: Elkhart county, Indiana
View Record  977.2/Grant/Kalamzoo Kalamazoo valley family news letter: Grant county, Indiana
View Record  977.469/Osceola/Kalamazoo Kalamazoo Valley family newsletter
View Record  977.417/A Kalamazoo Valley Heritage
View Record  977.455 A Lambert Kent county Michigan marriage and death newspaper notices: newspaper notices from Michigan newspapers at the Michigan Historical Collections Bentley Historical Library University of Michigan Lambert, Marguerite N. abstracter
View Record  977.8/A/Sprague Kentuckians in Missouri: including many who migrated by way of Ohio, Indiana, or Illinois Sprague, Stuart Seely
View Record  976.9/A/Kentucky Kentucky ancestors
View Record  976.9/A/Hogan Kentucky ancestry a guide to genealogical and historical research Hogan, Roseann Reinemuth, ph.d.
View Record  976.9/A/Hehir Kentucky families: a bibliographic listing Hehir, Donald M.
View Record  976.9/A/Green Kentucky gazette 1787-1800: genealogical and historical abstracts Green, Karen Mauer
View Record  976.9/A Kentucky Genealogical Research Schweitzer, George K.
View Record  976.9/A/Kentucky Kentucky marriage records from the register of the Kentucky historical society: with an index by Eleanor Antoniak
View Record  976.9/A/Ponder Kentucky Ponders Saupe, Patricia
View Record  976.9/A/Ponder Suppl. Kentucky Ponders supplement Saupe, Patricia
View Record  975.5/A/Key /v. 1 & 2 Key to survey and reports and microfilm of the Virginia colonial records project: volumes 1 and 2 Kneebone, John T. editor
View Record  942/A/Burke Key to the ancient parish registers of England and Wales Burke, Arthur Meredyth
View Record  929.11/Courthouse/Franklin/vol. 1 Keys to the courthouse; vol. 1, Jurisdictions Franklin, Charles M.
View Record  929.11/Courthouse/Franklin/vol. 2 Keys to the courthouse; vol. 2, the records Franklin, Charles M.
View Record  929.11/Courthouse/Franklin/vol. 3 Keys to the courthouse; vol. 3 unusual records Franklin, Charles M.
View Record  929.2/Kilpatrick/K Kilpatrick and Allied Families Kilpatrick, Edward Floyd
View Record  929.2/Kimberly/Brehm Kimberlys: a glimpse at one family's years in North America Brehm, William A. Jr.
View Record  929.2/Kincaid/K Kincaid-Claypool descendants; Mountain Tom Kincaid's second family of Central West Virginia and 34 other states Kincaid, William Harold
View Record  976.8/A/White King's mountain men: the story of the battle with sketches of the American soldiers who took part White, Katherine Keogh
View Record  929.11/Dictionaries Kinship: it's all relative Arnold, Jackie Smith
View Record  941/Aberdeen/Spiers Kirkyard of Keithall & Kinkell Spiers, Sheila M. compiler
View Record  977.433/Northville/Knapp Knapp Cemetery; cemetery on section thirty-five South side of 9 Mile Road, between Meadowbrook and Novi Roads, transcribed by Mrs. Gloria J. Collins...29 March, 1989
View Record  929.1/Wil Know your ancestors: a guide to genealogical research. Williams, Ethel W.
View Record  929.2/Ran/J Known descendants of Timothy Randall and Julia Ann (Chapin) Randall Judson, Helen C. Tubbs, comp.
View Record  973/Pe Known Military Dead during the American Revolutionary War of 1775-1783 Peterson, Charles Steward
View Record  973.3/Peterson Known military dead during War of 1812 Peterson, Clarence Stewart compiler
View Record  943.8/A/Chorzempa Korzenie Polskie Polish roots Chorzempa, Rosemary A.
View Record  977.425/Laingsburg Laingsburg alumni banquet Saturday June 21, 1980: Laingsburg high school graduates 1887-1980
View Record  977.436/Howell/new Lakeview Cemetery New Division Howell, Michigan
View Record  929.11/Land/Hone Land and property research in the United States Hone, E. Wade
View Record  977.472/A/Atlas Land atlas and plat book Calhoun county Michigan 1987
View Record  977.426/A/Atlas Land atlas and plat book Ingham county Michigan 1984-1985
View Record  977.417/A/Atlas Land atlas and plat book Kalamazoo county Michigan 1983
View Record  977.492/A/Atlas Land atlas and plat book Luce county Michigan 1981
View Record  977.432/A/Land Land atlas and plat book Monroe county Michigan 1990
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Records: 1301 to 1350 of 2558