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Records: 1101 to 1150 of 2558
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View Record  977.446/A History of Saginaw county Michigan: together with sketches of its cities, villages and townships, educational, religious, civil, military, and political history; portraits of prominent persons, and biographies of representative citizens.
View Record  977.446/A History of Saginaw County, Michigan.
View Record  977.435/Salem History of Salem township, Washtenaw county Michigan: with index by Al Smitley
View Record  974.8/Schuylkill/History History of Schuylkill county Pennsylvania Day, Sherman
View Record  975.5/Scott/Addington History of Scott county Virginia Addington, Robert M.
View Record  977.1/Seneca/Howe History of Seneca county Ohio 1820-1889: excerpted from 1898 edition of Howe's historical collections of Ohio Howe, Henry
View Record  975.5/Way History of Shenandoah County, Virginia Wayland, John W.
View Record  977.42/Ens History of Shiawassee and Clinton Counties, Michigan Ensign, F.
View Record  975.5/Washington/ Summers History of southwest Virginia 1746-1786, Washington county, 1777-1870 Summers, Lewis Preston
View Record  977.8/Hi History of St. Charles, Montgomery and Warren Counties, Missouri, written and compiled from the most authentic sources, including a history of their townships, towns, and villages, together with a condensed history of Missouri...biographical sketches of prominent citizens.
View Record  975.5/Tazewell/Pendleton History of Tazewell county and southwest Virginia 1748-1920 Pendleton, William C.
View Record  929.2/Beauchamp/Brown History of the Beauchamp family and some allied lines, second edition Brown, Rosemary Beauchamp
View Record  974.9/Gloucester/Cushing History of the counties of Gloucester, Salem, and Cumberland New Jersy: with biographical sketches of their prominent citizens Cushing, Thos. M.D., and Charles E. Sheppard, Esq.
View Record  974.994/All History of the Deerfield Presbyterian Church, Cumberland County, New Jersey Allison, Clyde M.
View Record  929.2/Dudley/Dudley History of the Dudley family with genealogical tables, pedigrees etc. Dudley, Dean
View Record  977.435 Ann Arbor History History of the first congregational church in Ann Arbor 1847-1976
View Record  977.435/A/Herter History of the German settlers in Washtenaw county 1830 to 1930 Herter, Dale and Terry Stollsteimer
View Record  929.11/Huguenots/Baird History of the Huguenot emigration to America. Baird, Charles W.
View Record  974.5/She History of the Lower Shenandoah Valley Counties of Frederick, Berkeley, Jefferson, and Clarke Norris, J. E.
View Record  929.2/Miller History of the Miller Family of Appleton, Maine Miller, Royce W.
View Record  974.8/Hue History of the Moravian Congregation of Lititz, Pennsylvania Huebner, Mary Augusta
View Record  977.435/Dexter/Gilbert History of the North Lake area: Dexter township Washtenaw county Michigan Gilbert, Sylvia
View Record  974.7/Tur History of the Pioneer Settlement of Phelps and Gorham's Purchase, and Morris' Reserve...Pioneer History of Monroe County (New York) Turner, Orasmus
View Record  929.2/Podewils/Anderson History of the Podewils family Anderson, Dorothy Podewils
View Record  929.2/Preston/Wilcox History of the Preston family: containing an account of the scotch DePrestons, the english Prestons, the american Prestons Wilcox, E. R. compiler
View Record  929.2/Roush/Roush/vol 1-4, supplement History of the Roush family in America: from its founding by John Adam Rausch in 1736 to the present time, vol 1-4 & supplement Roush, Rev. Lester LeRoy
View Record  977.435/Manchester/History History of the Sharon United Methodist Church Manchester, Washtenaw co., Michigan 1874-1999
View Record  929.2/Silverthorn History of the Silverthorn family: supplement & Silverthorn family newsletter
View Record  929.2 Silverthorn History of the Silverthorn family: volumes iv, numbers 16 &17 supplement Silverthorn family newsletter 1993
View Record  974.28/Eas History of the Town of Andover, New Hampshire Eastman, John R.
View Record  974.4/Norfolk/DeSorgher History of the town of Medfield Massachusetts 1887-1925 DeSorgher, Richard P.
View Record  974.4 Norfolk Tilden History of the Town of Medfield, Massachusetts 1650-1886 With Genealogies of the Families that Held Real Estate or Made any Considerable Stay in the Town During the First Two Centuries Tilden, William S., Ed.
View Record  974.4/Worcester/Sutton History of the Town of Sutton, Massachusetts, from 1704 to 1876 Benedict, William A. and Tracy, Hiram A.
View Record  929.2/Wa/O History of the Warner family Osler, Harold W.
View Record  929.2/Worden & Donahue/Gotshall History of the Worden and Donahue families Gotshall, Marian Worden
View Record  974.7/Tompkins/Trumansburg/Sears History of Trumansburg, New York, 1792-1967 Sears, Lydia
View Record  975.8/Twigg/Faulk History of Twiggs county, Georgia Faulk, J. Lantette O'Neal and Jones, Billy Walke compilers
View Record  974.7/Ulster/Sylvester History of Ulster County, NY Sylvester, Nathaniel Bartlett
View Record  976.1/Walker/Dombhart History of Walker county: its towns and its people Dombhart, John MArtin
View Record  977.435/A/Chapman 1881 History of Washtenaw county, Michigan
View Record  977.435/A/Chapman 1990/V 1&2 History of Washtenaw county, Michigan
View Record  974.3/Washington/Waterbury/Lewis History of Waterbury, Vermont 1763-1915 Lewis, Theodore Graham ed. and comp.
View Record  974.7/Way History of Wayne Co., New York with Illustrations Everts, Ensign, and Everts
View Record  977.435/York/History 1965 History of York Baptist church 1965-1977
View Record  977.435/York/History 1832 History of York Baptist church: Stony Creek & Platt roads Milan MI 1832-1965
View Record  977.435/york/milan Holdings of the local history and genealogy department of the Milan public library
View Record  929.2/Hollingshead/H Hollingsheads Chronicles
View Record  977.436/A/Honor Honor Roll of Livingston county Michigan USA 1917-1918-1919
View Record  977.438 Bloomfield Hosner Hosner family cemetery in West Bloomfield Township, Oakland County, Michigan 1835-1999 Hosner, Gerald R.
View Record  929.11/Professional How to become a professional genealogist: third edition Billingsley, Carolyn Earle & Allen, Desmond Walls
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Records: 1101 to 1150 of 2558