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Records: 1801 to 1850 of 2604
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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  974.8 A Pastors and People: German Lutheran and Reformed churches in the Pennsylvania field, 1717-1793 Glatfelter, Charles H.
View Record  977.4/A/Pathways Pathways to Michigan's black heritage
View Record  977.438 A Patron's Patron's reference directory from the 1908 atlas of Oakland county, Michigan Lancaster, Beverly indexer
View Record  929.2/Paul Paul family journey: to Washtenaw from Wurttemberg Paul, Robert C.
View Record  929.1/Peacefield Peacefield professional genealogy forms: books I & II Vredevelt, Kirk
View Record  929.2 Peel vol x #3 Peel family newsletter: vol x #3
View Record  929.2/Pennington Pennington pedigrees: a magazine for Pennington cousins
View Record  974.8/Cli/Ed.2 Pennsylvania area key: a guide to the state of Pennsylvania, including maps, histories, charts and other helpful materials., 2d. ed. Clint, Florence
View Record  974.8 A Ziegler Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Genealogical Findings in the Allemangel Area of Berks and Lehigh (Northampton) Counties and Adjoining Areas Ziegler, Warren J.
View Record  974.9/A Pennsylvania Genealogical Research Schweitzer, George K.
View Record  974.8/ Yod Pennsylvania German Immigrants, 1709-1786 Yoder, Don, ed.
View Record  325/St Pennsylvania German pioneers; a publication of the original lists of arrivals in the port of Philadelphia from 1727 to 1808. Strassburger, Ralph Beaver
View Record  974.8/Ste Pennsylvania in 1780; A Statewide Index of Circa 1780 Pennsylvania Tax Lists Stemmons, John and Diane
View Record  974.8/A/Munger Pennsylvania land records; a history and guide for research Munger, Donna Bingham
View Record  974.8/A/Penn Pennsylvania line: a research guide to Pennsylvania genealogy and local history
View Record  974.8 A Pennyslvania Pennsylvania marriages prior to 1790 : names of persons for whom marriage licenses were issued in the Province of Pennsylvania previous to 1790 Blair, John
View Record  974.8/A/Carter Pennsylvania research tips; including Philadelphia Carter-Walker, Fran
View Record  974.8/A/Myers Pennsylvania soldiers of the Revolutionary War: living in states other tha Myers, Paul W.compiler
View Record  974.8/Ric Pennsylvania-German in the Revolutionary War, 1775-1783. Richards, Henry Melchoir Muhlenberg
View Record  974.8 A Pennsylvania Pennsylvania, her counties, her townships and her towns
View Record  016.929/Periodical Periodical Source Index 1986 annual volume Clegg, Michael B. editor
View Record  977.4/Mi Permanent records of all units of Michigan government. Michigan Dept of State, Michigan History Division. State Archives.
View Record  977.1/Logan/Perry Perry & Zane Townships Logan County, Ohio cemetery records Akey Cemetery, Banks Cemetery, East Liberty Cemetery, Greenlawn Cemetery, Hatcher Cemetery, North Greenfield Cemetery, Quaker Cemetery, Bishop Cemetery, Darby Creek or Curl Cemetery, Euans Cemetery, Garwood Cemetery, Inskeep Cemetery, Jos Inskeep Cemetery, Middleburg Cemetery, Mt. Moriah Cemetery, Vasser Farm Cemetery
View Record  976.9/Perry/Perry Perry county tax lists 1821-1830 Bruce Stephens, Mrs.
View Record  977.437/Grand Blanc/Bastien Perry-McFarlan cemetery Grand Blanc twp. Genesee co., Michigan burial records 1834-2000 Bastien, Marty & Taylor, Michael F. compilers
View Record  975.6/Person/Kendall Person county North Carolina compilations: land grants 1794, 1805, 1823 tax lists, record book abstracts 1792-1820, letters of attorney Kendall, Katharine Kerr
View Record  929.11/Computers/Personal Personal Ancestral File version 4.0 users guide an authorized guide from the Hope Foundation
View Record  975.5/Loudoun/Schreiner-Yantis Personal property tax lists for the year 1787 for Loudoun county, Virginia Schreiner-Yantis, Netti
View Record  975.5/Loudoun/Schreiner-Yantis/1788 Personal property tax lists for the year 1788 for Loudoun county, Virginia Schreiner-Yantis, Netti
View Record  975.5/Loudon/Schreiner Personal property tax lists for the year 1789 for Loudon county, Virginia Schreiner-Yantis, Netti
View Record  929.2/Gaunt/Gauntt Peter Gaunt 1610-1680 and some of his descendants Gauntt, David L. compiler
View Record  971/Ontario/Bennett Peter Robinson's settlers 1823-1825 Bennett, Carol
View Record  929.11/Land/Waterfield Petition to partition land records: land records often overlooked by genealogists, a valuable research document in genealogy Waterfield, Marjorie
View Record  974.811/Cli Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania Area Key Clint, Florence
View Record  974.8/Philadelphia/Philadelphia Philadelphia naturalization records: an index to records of aliens' declarations on intention and/or oaths of allegiance, 1789-1880 in the United States circuit court, United States district court, supreme court of Pennsylvania, quarter sessions court, court of common pleas, Philadelphia Filby, P. William
View Record  929.11/Photographs/Eakle Photograph analysis Eakle, Arlene
View Record  929.1/Photographs/Shull Photographing your heritage Shull, Wilma Sadler
View Record  976.1/Pickwick Landing/Douthat Pickwick landing reservoir cemeteries Douthat, James L.
View Record  977.435 Ann Arbor Cocks Pictorial history of Ann Arbor 1824-1974 Cocke, J. Fraser III, editor
View Record  977.4/A Pictorial History of Michigan: the Later Years May, George
View Record  973.3/Pierces Pierce's register: register of the certificates issued by John Pierce, esquire, paymaster general and commissioner of army accounts for the United States, to officers and soldiers of the Continental Army under act of July 4, 1783
View Record  977.1/Co Pioneer cemeteries of Guernsey County, Ohio, compiled by [Mrs. Robert M.] Conner and [Nola R. Goodpaster] Eynon. Conner, E. Margaret, comp.
View Record  977.442/A/Ellis Pioneer families and history of Lapeer county, Michigan with 15,000 names indexed Ellis, J. Dee compiler
View Record  976.9/A/Kozee 1957 Pioneer families of eastern and southeastern Kentucky Kozee, William C., A.B., LL.B.
View Record  977.1/Cop Pioneer land grants of Guernsey County [Ohio] compiled by E. Margaret Conner and Nola R.Eynon. Conner, E. Margaret, comp.
View Record  977.1/Con Pioneer marriages of Guernsey County, Ohio Conner, E. Margaret, and Nola R. Enyon, comp.
View Record  977.1/CoM Pioneer Marriages of Guernsey County, Ohio, Vol. I, 1810-1830 Conner, E. M., and N. R. Enyon, comp.
View Record  977.1/A Pioneer Ohio Newspapers, 1793-1810: Genealogical and Historical Abstracts Green, Karen Mauer
View Record  977.1/A Pioneer Ohio Newspapers, 1802-1818: Genealogical and Historical Abstracts Green, Karen Mauer
View Record  977.1/Co Pioneer Settlers of Guernsey County, Ohio Conner, E. M., and Goodpaster, comp.
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Records: 1801 to 1850 of 2604