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Records: 1751 to 1800 of 2604
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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  977.435 Ann Arbor Old Old west side: Ann Arbor, Michigan
View Record  974.8/Old Westmoreland Old westmoreland: a history of western Pennsylvania during the revolution Hassler, Edgar W.
View Record  977.435 Ypsilanti Proctor Old Ypsilanti Town [Proctor, Hazel P., ed.]
View Record  929.11/cemetery/Oldstone's Oldstone's guide to creative rubbings
View Record  977.435 Ann Arbor Ann Omega 1904: Ann Arbor high school senior class annual vol xviii
View Record  977.435 Ann Arbor Omega Omega 1956
View Record  977.469/Whi One Hundred Going on Two Hundred: Reed City (Michigan) Centennial White, Marjorie Brown
View Record  929.2/Co/C One hundred thirty-eight generations from Adam, being a pedigree traced from Adam to the present time Congdon, George Edward
View Record  977.431 Tecumseh Waldron One hundred years, a country town : the village of Tecumseh, Michigan, 1824-1924 Waldron, Clara
View Record  929.2/Fet/F One man's family; a history and genealogy of the Fetzer family. Fetzer, John E.
View Record  974.7/Onondaga Onondaga co NY: will abstracts from liber a, b, c, d & Christ church of Manilius records
View Record  971/Ontario/Chadwick Ontarian families: genealogies of United Empire Loyalist and other pioneer families of Upper Canada Chadwick, Edward Marion
View Record  971.3/A/Browne Ontario Genealogical Society directory of surnames Browne, David J., editor
View Record  971.3/A/Stratford-Devai/Land Ontario Land Registry Office Records: A Guide Stratford-Devai, Fawn
View Record  929.1 Baum Oral History for the Local HIstorical Society Baum, Willa K.
View Record  929.2/Risdon Orange Risdon 786-1876 surveyor
View Record  979.5/A/DAR Oregon state roster of ancestors daughters of the American revolution 1963 Goodrich, Mrs. George R. compiler
View Record  929.11 Organizing & Planning Smith Organize your genealogy : strategies and solutions for every researcher Smith, Drew
View Record  929.11/ Organizing and planning/ Carmack Organizing your family history search Carmack, Sharon DeBartolo
View Record  977.3/Ori Origin and Evolution of Illinois Counties
View Record  929.2 Snider Snider Our American ancestors: (the known American ancestors of Charles W. and Gail N. Snider) third edition Snider, C. Robert
View Record  929.2/Bro/R Our Brokaw Family History Rich, Eva Butler
View Record  929.2/Fre/O Our French Cousins Oncley, Lephia French
View Record  971.4/ Our French-Canadian Ancestors LaForest, Thomas J.
View Record  929.2/Ful/O Our Fuller Cousins Oncley, Lephia French
View Record  977.435/Ypsi/Dodd vol 1 Our heritage: down by the depot in Ypsilanti Dodd, Tom and Mann, James Thomas
View Record  945/A/Fucilla Our Italian surnames Fucilla, Joseph G.
View Record  977.435/Saline/Our Our pride, Saline, MI, USA
View Record  929.11 Church Berry Our Quaker Ancestors: Finding Them in Quaker Records Berry, Ellen Thomas
View Record  929.2/Ric Our Ricketts Cousins: Some Descendants and Ancestry of Lt. Edward Ricketts 1758-1833 and his brother Reason Ricketts 1759-1834 Oncley, Lephia French
View Record  Lundin/Barr Our Swedish ancestors: written for granddaughter Olivia Marie Barr for out trip to Scandinavia July, 2007 Barr, Marlene Bielenberg
View Record  929.2/Lundin/Barr Our Swedish ancestors: written for granddaughter Olivia Marie Barr for out trip to Scandinavia July, 2007 Barr, Marlene Bielenberg
View Record  929.2/Toomsen Our Toomsen heritage
View Record  976.8/Union/Graves Our Union County heritage Graves, Kathleen George
View Record  929.2/Weaver/Oncley Our Weaver cousins: ancestry of Samuel Stanton Weaver 1793-1857 and his wife Lucy Billings Palmer 1798-1851 with some of their descendants and related families Oncley, Lephia French
View Record  929.2/Owens/Owens Owens family of Virginia (Richmond, King George, Stafford, Prince William, Fauquier Counties) and Kentucky (Mason, Lewis, Fleming, Bracken, Mercer, Boyle Counties). 2nd Edition, November, 1991. Owens, David Hatfield
View Record  943/Palatinate/Minert Palatinate place name indexes: identifying place names using alphabetical and reverse alphabetical indexes Minert, Roger P., PhD., A.G.
View Record  943A/Guth Palatine Mennonite census lists, 1664-1793 by Hermann and Gertrud Guth and J. Lemar and Lois Ann Mast Guth, Herman
View Record  943A Palatine transcripts: a catalogue of genealogy and local history books
View Record  943/A/Palatines/vol 1 through 6 Palatines to America; the ancestor chart project vol 1 through 6
View Record  929.11 Handwriting Marshall Paleography for family and local historians Marshall, Hilary
View Record  929.1/Preservation/Lener Paper preservation conservation techniques and methodology Lener,Dewayne J.
View Record  971.4/A/Parish Parish and town guide to the province of Canada-Quebec: a listing of all pre-1901 Canada-Quebec province catholic churches
View Record  942/A/Parish Parish maps of the counties of England and Wales
View Record  929.2/Parsons/Parsons Parsons family book: the lineage of William Parsons I ca 1700-1778, et al
View Record  977.433/Detroit/Duncan Passage to America 1851-1869 Duncan, Mary Lou Straith
View Record  325/Pa Passagier-Liste des Post-Dampfschiffes Bohemia, Capt. Karlowa, von Hamburg nach New York am Mittwoch, den 20, Mai, 1885.
View Record  325 Filby vol. 1,2,3 and 1995 suppl. Passenger and immigration lists index Filby, P. William
View Record  CD354 Passenger and immigration lists index 1500s-1900s: 2000 update
View Record  325/Hackett Passenger Lists from Ireland Hackett, Dominic J. and Charles Montague Early
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Records: 1751 to 1800 of 2604