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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  325/Rosengarten French colonists and exiles in the United States Rosengarten, J. G.
View Record  929.2/French/American French family history American Genealogical Research Institute
View Record  970/A/Normandeau-Jones French forts in new France (North America) Normandeau-Jones, Lea
View Record  971.4/A/French French-Canadian sources: a guide for genealogists
View Record  929.2 Mast Mast Friedrich Ferdinand Gottlob Mast : journal of his voyage from Germany to Michigan, 1847, translation by Mrs. Ruth Binhammer Lauterwasser, with a short history of his descendants in Washtenaw County, Michigan by Norma McAllister, Edited by James B. Parker. Mast, Freidrich Ferdinant Gottlob
View Record  977.4/Fr From fireside and lumbering: the collection of the Michigan Historical Museum.
View Record  929.11/jewish/Kurzweil From Generation to generation: how to trace your jewish genealogy and family history Kurzweil, Arthur
View Record  929.11/Oral/From From tape to type; an oral history manual and workbook Davis, Cullom et al
View Record  929.2/Goetz/Goetz From this staff: a family history Goetz, Louis
View Record  976.9/Calloway/Maupin Full Name Index Calloway County, Ky Cemeteries Maupin, Judith Ann
View Record  977.1/Fulton/Fulton Fulton Co., Ohio 1850-1976; a collection of historical sketches and family histories compiled by members and friends of the FCHS. Fulton Co. [Ohio] Historical Society
View Record  941.5/A Gaelic gleanings
View Record  977.1 Gallia Jones Gallia County, Ohio residents, 1800-1825 : taken from chattel tax lists, land tax lists, wolf scalp lists, 1800 & 1820 census Jones, Dennis R.
View Record  929.2/Gallowy/Stewart Galloway Records Stewart
View Record  974.7/New Gateway to America: Genealogical Research in the New York State Library New York State Library
View Record  977.1 A Bowers v. 1,2 Gateway to the West Bowers, Ruth and Anita Short
View Record  977.1/A/Gateway Gateway to the west: volume 1 Bowers, Ruth compiler
View Record  975.45/A/Gannett Gazeteer of Virginia and West Virginia Gannett, Henry
View Record  974.7 A French Index Gazetteer of the State of New York: embracing a comprehensive view of the geography, geology, and general history of the State, and a complete history and description of every county, city, town, village, and locality. With full tables of statistics French, J.H.
View Record  929.2/Geiger/Otis/Suppl. Geiger: the attached charts supplement the original issue " a genealogical memoir of the descendants of the Geiger family in Missouri, Atchison County, City of Rockport Otis, Erwin J.
View Record  016.929/Hoffman Genealogical & Local History Books in Print, 5th Ed.: Family History Volume Hoffmann, Marian, comp
View Record  974.2/A/Chipman Genealogical abstracts from early New Hampshire newspapers, vol. 1 Chipman, Scott Lee
View Record  973.3/White Genealogical abstracts of Revolutionary War pension files abstracted by Virgil D. White White, Virgil
View Record  974.7/A/Cutter/vol 1, vol 3 Genealogical and family history of northern New York Cutte, William Richard editor
View Record  974.3/A/Carleton/vol. 1 Genealogical and family history of the State of Vermont: a record of the achievements of her people in the making Carleton editor, Hiram
View Record  974.3/A/Carleton/vol. 2 Genealogical and family history of the state of Vermont: vol. II Carleton editor, Hon. Hiram
View Record  941.5/A/Genealogical Genealogical atlas of Ireland: compiled from original maps Gardner, Harland & Smith
View Record  974.7/A/Genealogical Genealogical data from colonial New York newspapers: a consolidation of articles from the New York genealogical and biographical record.
View Record  974.7/Sco Genealogical data from The New York Post-Boy, 1743-1773. Scott, Kenneth, compiler
View Record  974.8/Sco Genealogical data from the Pennsylvania Chronicle, 1767-1774. Scott, Kenneth, compiler
View Record  974.8/A/Hocker Genealogical data relating to the German settler of Pennsylvania and adjacent territory, from advertisements in German newspapers published in Philadelphia and Germantown, 1743-1800. Hocker, Edward W.
View Record  974.5/A/Austin Genealogical dictionary of Rhode Island: comprising three generations of settlers who came before 1690 (with many families carried to the fourth generation) Austin, John Osborne
View Record  974/Savage/ vol. 2 Genealogical dictionary of the first settlers of New England showing three generations of those who came before May, 1692 on the bais of Farmer's Register; volume 2 D-J Savage, James
View Record  929.1 Stevenson Genealogical evidence [ revised edition]: a guide to the standard of proof relating to pedigrees, ancestry, heirship and family history Stevenson, Noel C.
View Record  944/Alsace-Lorraine/Thode Genealogical gazetteer of Alsace-Lorraine Thode, Earnest
View Record  943.8/A/Lenius Genealogical Gazetteer of Galicia Lenius, Brian J.
View Record  942/A/Waters/vol I/vol II Genealogical gleanings in England: vol. I & II Waters, Henry F., A.M.
View Record  943A/Gen Genealogical guide to German ancestors from East Europe and Eastern Europe
View Record  929.2/Hartt/H Genealogical History of Samuel Hartt...Nicholas Hart...Isaac Hart... Hartt, James M., comp.
View Record  929.2/Qui/Q Genealogical History of the Quinby (Quimby) Family Quinby, Henry Cole
View Record  977.441/A/Genealogical Genealogical holdings of the St. Clair county public library St Clair Family History Group, compilers
View Record  974.4/Plymouth/Early Genealogical journal: special issue early Plymouth colony families vol 13 #4 winter 1984-85
View Record  974.4/Oti Rev. Ed. Genealogical Notes of Barnstable Families; with an index by Charles A. Holbrook, Jr. Otis, Amos
View Record  974.4/Oti/Rev. ed Genealogical notes of Barnstable families; with an index by Charles A. Holobrook, Jr. Otis, Amos
View Record  929.2/McGonigal/B Genealogical notes on the family of Dorthy McGonigal Buffington: McGonigal, Wisner, Morgan, Foley, Fanning, Chappel Buffington, Dorothy McGonigal
View Record  929.2/Hall/H Genealogical Notes Relating to the Families of Hon. Lyman Hall of Georgia; Hon. Samuel Holden Parsons Hall of Binghampton, New York, and Hon. Nathan Kelsey Hall of Buffalo, New York. Hall, Theo. Parsons, arranged by
View Record  016.929/Gen Genealogical Periodical Annual Index
View Record  929.1/Tow Genealogical Periodicals: a Neglected Treasure Towle, Laird C.
View Record  929.11/Writing & Publishing/Rose Genealogical proof standard Rose, Christine
View Record  976.4/A Genealogical Records in Texas Kennedy, Imogene Kinard
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Records: 751 to 800 of 2515