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Records: 701 to 750 of 2493
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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  971.8/A/Crant Finding your ancestors in Newfoundland and Labrador Crant, Bill
View Record  949.2/A/Perry Finding your Dutch ancestors...: 3rd edition Perry, Esther
View Record  929.1/McClure Finding your famous {& infamous} ancestors: uncover the celebrities, rogues, and royals in your family tree McClure, Rhonda R.
View Record  943/A/Hansen Finding your German ancestors: a beginner's guide Hansen, Kevan M.
View Record  943/A/Humphrey Finding your German ancestors: a practical guide for genealogists Humphrey, John T.
View Record  980/Mexico/Ryskamp Finding your mexican ancestors: a beginner's guide Ryskamp, George R.
View Record  929.11/Cemeteries/Finding Finding your past - using cemeteries
View Record  929.11/Cemeteries/Finding Finding your past: using cemeteries Michigan Genealogical Council. Cemetery Committee
View Record  929.11/maps/Oswald Fire insurance maps: their history and applications Oswald, Diane L.
View Record  977.1/Ohi First Families of Ohio: Official Roster, vol. 1 Ohio Genealogical Society
View Record  977.435/Superior/Williams First free church of Michigan: the free church cemetery Williams, Karl
View Record  977.438/First First land owners of Oakland County, Michigan
View Record  977.41/Ta First land owners of St. Clair County, Michigan. Taylor, Hilda A.
View Record  977.4 A First Zorn First land purchasers of Saginaw County Michigan Zorn, Lenard S. , comp.
View Record  977.426/Luc First Landowners of Ingham County, Michigan Lucas, Richard E.
View Record  977.432/A/First First landowners of Monroe County Michigan; internal boundary changes and township development. Compiled by E. Gray Williams and Ethel W. Williams
View Record  977.475/Phi First landowners of Ogemaw County, Michigan Phillips, Althea Cascadden and Donald J. deZeeuw
View Record  977.433/A/First First landowners of Wayne County Michigan; compiled by E. Gray and Ethel W. Williams
View Record  977.1/A First ownership of Ohio lands Dyer, Albion Morris
View Record  977.435/Ann Arbor/First/Summers First Presbyterian Church of Ann Arbor, Michigan founded 1826 compiled lists of the membership and dismissions and the registers of marriages, baptisms and deaths, compiled and edited by John L. Summers and Pearl Riemensperger Summers, Archivists. Summers, John (compiler and editor)
View Record  977.435/Ann Arbor/First/Summers/Suppl First presbyterian church of Ann Arbor, Michigan founded 1826: compiled lists of the memberships and dismissions and the registers of marriages, baptisms, and deaths supplement Summers, John L. and Pearl Riemensperger compilers and editors
View Record  977.435/Saline/First First Presbyterian Church of Saline, Michigan 1831-1981 150th Anniversary
View Record  929.2/Hildreth/P First Publication of the Hildreth Family Association; Genealogical and Historical Data Relating to Richard Hildreth...Thomas Hildreth Porter, John Lyman
View Record  974.403/Fir First Regiment of Heavy Artillery, Massachusetts Volunteers; Dedication of Monument, May 19, 1901
View Record  929.1/Walls-Allen First steps in genealogy: a beginner's guide to researching your family history Allen, Desmond Walls
View Record  929.2/Fiske/Bailey Fisk (Fiske) family history Bailey, Lawrence
View Record  929.2/Fisk/Fisk Fisk family [family group sheets] Fisk, Clinton B. (compiler)
View Record  977.1/Oh Folklore of Highland County (Ohio) Morgan, Violet
View Record  940/Shea/Following Following the Paper Trail: A multilingual Translation Guide Jonathan D. Shea & William F. Hoffman
View Record  977.437 Grand Blanc Neely Footsteps Thru the 'Great White' Country Neely, Helen Howell
View Record  929.2/Dunbar/Dunbar Forebears of 4 Dunbars; grandfather's scrapbook Dunbar, Carl & Lorene
View Record  929.1/Fitzpatrick Forensic genealogy Fitzpatrick, Colleen PhD
View Record  977.435/Ann Arbor Forest Hill Cemetery, Ann Arbor, Michigan: Interment Record Book A, Feb. 1859- Jan. 1978 Tuesday Evening Genealogy
View Record  977.42/Ce Forgotten communities of cental Michigan. A study of the counties of Clinton, Ingham and Gratiot, withrespect to communites, postoffices, and hamlets as they were identified in the pioneer days of central Michigan. Ceaser, Ford Stevens
View Record  977.42/ Forgotten Communities of Central Michigan: A History of the Counties Clinton, Ingham, and Gratiot with respect to Communities, Post Offices, and Hamlets as they were Identified in the Pioneer Years of Central Michigan Cesser, Ford S.
View Record  973.3/Forgotten Forgotten patriots: African American and American Indian patriots in the Revolutionary War a guide to service, sources and studies Grundset, Eric G. editor
View Record  976.9/Fayette/Darnell Forks of Elkhorn church: with genealogies of early members Darnell, Ermina Jett
View Record  976.9/Fort Knox/McDowell Fort Knox cemeteries in Bullitt, Hardin, and Meade counties, Kentucky: with historical and genealogical notations McDowell, Sam
View Record  929.2/Frasher/Sellards Frasher/Frazier family history and their kinsmen: Webb, Thompson, Lowe, Wellman, Akers, Robertson, Hooser, Bertram, many others Sellards, Harry Leon Jr.
View Record  977.435 Superior GSWC Free Church Cemetery, Superior Township, Washtenaw County, Michigan GSWC
View Record  977.435/W Freedom township scrapbook
View Record  325/Rosengarten French colonists and exiles in the United States Rosengarten, J. G.
View Record  929.2/French/American French family history American Genealogical Research Institute
View Record  970/A/Normandeau-Jones French forts in new France (North America) Normandeau-Jones, Lea
View Record  971.4/A/French French-Canadian sources: a guide for genealogists
View Record  929.2 Mast Mast Friedrich Ferdinand Gottlob Mast : journal of his voyage from Germany to Michigan, 1847, translation by Mrs. Ruth Binhammer Lauterwasser, with a short history of his descendants in Washtenaw County, Michigan by Norma McAllister, Edited by James B. Parker. Mast, Freidrich Ferdinant Gottlob
View Record  977.4/Fr From fireside and lumbering: the collection of the Michigan Historical Museum.
View Record  929.11/jewish/Kurzweil From Generation to generation: how to trace your jewish genealogy and family history Kurzweil, Arthur
View Record  929.11/Oral/From From tape to type; an oral history manual and workbook Davis, Cullom et al
View Record  929.2/Goetz/Goetz From this staff: a family history Goetz, Louis
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Records: 701 to 750 of 2493