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Records: 601 to 650 of 2537
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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  976.8/East/Sistler vol 1 & 2 Early east Tennessee marriages: vol 1 grooms, vol 2 brides
View Record  976.9/A/Kozee 1961 Early families of eastern and southeastern Kentucky and their descendants Kozee, William C.
View Record  974.6/New Haven/Wallingford/Davis Early families of Wallingford, Connecticut: with a new index by Thomas L. Hollowak Davis, Charles Henry Stanley
View Record  974.8/Ro Early Friends families of Upper Bucks, with some account of their descendants, historical and genealogical information about the early settlers in Upper Bucks County, Pennsylvania by C.V. Roberts...assisted by Warren S. Ely. Roberts, Clarence V.
View Record  977.414/Ea Early history of Hamilton and Heath Township [Allegan Co., MI]
View Record  974.7/Livingston/Walbridge Early history of the town of Springwater, Livingston county, NY Walbridge, Orson
View Record  977.436/A/Charboneau Early landowners & settlers of Livingston county Michigan: 1828 to 1870's Charbineau, Milton
View Record  974.8/Southeastern/Stoever Early lutheran baptisms and marriages in southeastern Pennsylvania: the records of Rev. John Casper Stoever from 1730 to 1779 Stoever, Rev. John Casper
View Record  977.421/A/Early Early marriage records of Branch County 1833-1875: a project of the Branch County genealogical society
View Record  977.4 A Florer Early Michigan Settlements Vol. 1 Washtenaw, Westphalia, Frankenmouth, Detroit, 1848 Florer, Warren Washburn
View Record  974.7/Sc Early New York Naturalization...Abstracts of Naturalization Records from Federal, State, and Local Courts 1792-1840 Scott, Kenneth, comp.
View Record  977.1 A Smith Early nineteenth-century German settlers in Ohio (mainly Cincinnati and environs), Kentucky, and other states Smith, Clifford Neal
View Record  977.1 A Berry SW Early Ohio Settlers : purchasers of land in southwestern Ohio, 1800-1840 Berry, Ellen T. and D.A. Berry
View Record  977.1/A/Berry/E & EC Early Ohio settlers; purchasers of land in east and east central Ohio 1800-1840 Berry, Ellen Thomas & David A.
View Record  971.1/A/Berry/SE Early Ohio settlers; purchasers of land in Southeastern Ohio,1800-1840 Berry, Ellen T. and David A.
View Record  929.2/Spear/Spears Early pioneers of Michigan territory: Moor Spear genealogy line 1826 Spears, Earl E. researcher
View Record  977.438 Early Early records, Southfield United Presbyterian Church, Oakland County, MI
View Record  975.4/Jackson/O'Brien Early settlers and their contribution to Jackson county and it's (sic) county seat, Ripley, West Virginia O'Brien, Winnifred E.
View Record  975.4/Jackson/O'Brien Early settlers and their contributions to Jackson county and its county seat Ripley, West Virginia O'Brien, Winnefred E.
View Record  974.9/Coo Early Settlers in Trenton and Ewing, N.J. Cooley, Eli F. and William S.
View Record  929.2/Sh/G Early Shumate family migrated from France Gregory, Paul W. and Ruth P.
View Record  977.428/A/Peck Early they came Peck, Lt. Col. Paul R.
View Record  975.5/Fo Early Virginia Families along the James River Foley, Louise Pledge Heath, comp.
View Record  974.7/Suffolk/Rattray East Hampton history including genealogies of early families Rattray, Jeannette Edwards
View Record  974.7/Suffolk/East East Hampton trustees journal: 1725-1772
View Record  974.63/Hartford/E. Hartford East Hartford: its history and traditions Goodwin, Joseph O.
View Record  929.2/Eastlack/Eastlack Eastlack family: a record of the descendants of Francis Eastlack of Devonshire, England, who settled in Newton township, Gloucester county, New Jersey in the late 1600's (sic) Eastlack, John William Sr., compiler
View Record  977.423/Eaton Eaton County Quest
View Record  929.2/Morton/Preusch Ebenezer Morton, Bethena Davis, and Their Children Preusch, James P.
View Record  929.2 Eberhart Barnhart Eberhart/Everhart ancestry in the United States of America : a comprehensive manual, 1727-1995 Barnhart, Shawn
View Record  929.2/Hollister Edwin Alonzo Hollister, an autobiography: plus allied families with photographs of ancestors and family group sheets Loper, Harry O. compiler
View Record  974.8/A/Burgert/vol. 1/vol.2 Eighteenth century emigrants from German-speaking lands in North America, vol. 1: The Northern Kraichgau, vol. 2 The Western Palatinate Burgert, Annette Kunselman
View Record  943 A Eighteenth Eighteenth century register of emigrants from southwest Germany (to America and other countries Hacker, Werner
View Record  977.435 Ann Arbor Snyder Einwarts, vorwarts, aufwarts: the history of west side united Methodist church 1846-1997 Snyder, Nancy L.
View Record  929.11 Dictionaries/Cappelli Elements of abreviation in medieval latin paleography Cappelli, Adriano
View Record  929.2/Wallen/Wallen Elisha Wallen the longhunter Wallin, Carolyn D.
View Record  325/Szucs Ellis Island; Gateway to America Szucs, Loretto Dennis
View Record  977.435 Manchester Emanuel Emanuel Church Celebrating 150 Years 1862-2012 Anniversary Service October 7, 2012
View Record  975.4/Jackson/Emergence Emergence of Jackson county and Ripley, its seat of justice
View Record  977.435 Pittsfield Wall Emerging from wilderness : formation and first settlement of Pittsfield Township, Michigan Wall, C. Edward
View Record  974.8 A Tepper Emigrants to Pennsylvania, 1641-1819 : a consolidation of ship passenger lists from the Pennsylvania magazine of history and biography Tepper, Michael
View Record  973/Jo Emissary and entrepots: Paris peacemaking in 1783. An exhibition from the diplomatic papers of the Duke of Manchester, British ambassador to France in 1783. Joyce, William L.
View Record  973/ Encyclopedia of local history and genealogy Jackson, R. V.
View Record  943A/Smith Encylopedia of German-American geneaological research Smith, Clifford N.
View Record  973.5/Coldham English estates of American settlers: American wills and administrations, in the perogative court of Canterbury, 1800-1858 Coldham, Peter Wilson
View Record  942/A/Masters Essential Maps for Family Historians Masters, Charles
View Record  929.11/Courthouse/Smith Estate inventories: how to use them Smith, Kenneth L.
View Record  973.2/A/Martin European ancestors of American colonists - an index: a combined every name index to ancestral roots of sixty colonists and magna charta sureties, both by the Rev. Frederick L. Weiss and 5,000 persons from other sources Martin, John Stanwood
View Record  929.11/Dictionaries/Varhola Everday life during the civil war Varhola, Michael J.
View Record  929.11/Writing & Publishing Evidence explained: citing history sources from artifacts to cyberspace Mills, Elizabeth Shown
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Records: 601 to 650 of 2537