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Records: 601 to 650 of 2636
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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  929.1/Discover/2012 Discover Your Roots Family History Made Easy (2012) Family Tree Magazine
View Record  929.1/Discover/2011 Discover Your Roots: Beginners Guide to Tracing Your Family Tree Family Tree Magazine
View Record  929.11/Names/Freeman Discovering surnames Freeman, J. W.
View Record  929.11/Jewish/Krosner-Khart Discovering Your Jewish Ancestors. Krasner-Khait, Barbara
View Record  974/A/Dit Dit name: french-Canadian surnames, aliases, adulterations and anglicizations Quintin, Robert J., editor
View Record  977.432/A/Muszynski Divorce proceeding records of Monroe County Michigan 1873-1914 Muszynski, Shirley and Dan
View Record  929.11 DNA DNA and family history : how genetic testing can advance your genealogical research Pomery, Chris
View Record  929.11/DNA/Fitzpatrick DNA and genealogy Fitzpatrick, Colleen PhD
View Record  929.2/Finch/Miller Do it with all your might, the history of my maternal ancestors who settled in Midland County, Michigan Miller, Karen Rose(Franklin)
View Record  929.1/Waterfield Do you have a bad case of genealogy block: try these 10 simple steps to recover.. Waterfield, Marjorie
View Record  Video Do your family tree Eakle, Arlene (presenter)
View Record  929.11 Correspondence Do your letters beg for attention or do they command it
View Record  975.5/A/Brock [vol. 2] Documents relating to the Hugenot emigration to Virginia and to the settlement of Manakin town [volume 2] Brock, R. A.
View Record  975.5/A/Brock Documents, chiefly unpublished relating to the Huguenot emigration to Virginia and to the settlement at Manakin town Brock, R. A.
View Record  977.437/Flint/Dodds Dodds Dumanois funeral home records Bastien, Marty and Taylor, Michael compiler
View Record  929.2 Dorr Hatcher Dorr and Putnam Genealogy Hatcher, Sally Dorr
View Record  929.2 Dorr Dorr Dorr family reunions 1899-1942; minutes, births, deaths Hatcher, Sally Dorr
View Record  977.435 Pittsfield Wright Down the myrtle path: the history and memories of town hall school Wright, Hannah Geddes compiler
View Record  929.2/Dra/A Drake Genealogy in the Line of Samuel Drake of Lower Smithfield Township, Northampton (now Monroe) County, Pennsylvania Avery, Lillian Drake
View Record  929.2/Dub/M Dubbs, Dubs, Dups, and Toop Families Millbrook, Minnie Dubbs, comp., with Mary Alma Kay
View Record  974.7/Hudson Valley/Reynolds Dutch houses in the Hudson valley before 1776 Reynolds, Helen Wilkinson
View Record  949.2/A/Swierenga/vol. 2 Dutch immigrants in U.S. ship passenger manifests, 1820-1880: an alphabetical listing by household heads and independent persons volume two Mellink to addendum Swierenga, Robert P.
View Record  948/Hoffmann/Dutch Dutch-English dictionary for family historians translating Dutch documemts Hoffmann, Judy
View Record  977.435 Ann Arbor Early Early Ann Arbor and its people
View Record  977.435/An Early Ann Arbor and its people. Committee on preperation of text: Virginia Ryan [and others].Illustrations [by] Joan Beaver Ann Arbor, Michigan. Carpenter School.
View Record  929.2 Doty Haller Early Ann Arbor [Doty and Pulcipher families] Haller, Helen
View Record  974.946/Bee Early Dutch Settlers of Monmouth County, New Jersey Beekman, George C.
View Record  976.8/East/Sistler vol 1 & 2 Early east Tennessee marriages: vol 1 grooms, vol 2 brides
View Record  976.9/A/Kozee 1961 Early families of eastern and southeastern Kentucky and their descendants Kozee, William C.
View Record  974.6/New Haven/Wallingford/Davis Early families of Wallingford, Connecticut: with a new index by Thomas L. Hollowak Davis, Charles Henry Stanley
View Record  974.8/Ro Early Friends families of Upper Bucks, with some account of their descendants, historical and genealogical information about the early settlers in Upper Bucks County, Pennsylvania by C.V. Roberts...assisted by Warren S. Ely. Roberts, Clarence V.
View Record  977.414/Ea Early history of Hamilton and Heath Township [Allegan Co., MI]
View Record  974.7/Livingston/Walbridge Early history of the town of Springwater, Livingston county, NY Walbridge, Orson
View Record  977.436/A/Charboneau Early landowners & settlers of Livingston county Michigan: 1828 to 1870's Charbineau, Milton
View Record  974.8/Southeastern/Stoever Early lutheran baptisms and marriages in southeastern Pennsylvania: the records of Rev. John Casper Stoever from 1730 to 1779 Stoever, Rev. John Casper
View Record  977.421/A/Early Early marriage records of Branch County 1833-1875: a project of the Branch County genealogical society
View Record  977.4 A Florer Early Michigan Settlements Vol. 1 Washtenaw, Westphalia, Frankenmouth, Detroit, 1848 Florer, Warren Washburn
View Record  974.7/Sc Early New York Naturalization...Abstracts of Naturalization Records from Federal, State, and Local Courts 1792-1840 Scott, Kenneth, comp.
View Record  977.1 A Smith Early nineteenth-century German settlers in Ohio (mainly Cincinnati and environs), Kentucky, and other states Smith, Clifford Neal
View Record  977.1 A Smith Early nineteenth-century German settlers in Ohio (mainly Cincinnati and environs), Kentucky, and other states Smith, Clifford Neal
View Record  977.1 A Berry SW Early Ohio Settlers : purchasers of land in southwestern Ohio, 1800-1840 Berry, Ellen T. and D.A. Berry
View Record  977.1/A/Berry/E & EC Early Ohio settlers; purchasers of land in east and east central Ohio 1800-1840 Berry, Ellen Thomas & David A.
View Record  971.1/A/Berry/SE Early Ohio settlers; purchasers of land in Southeastern Ohio,1800-1840 Berry, Ellen T. and David A.
View Record  929.2/Spear/Spears Early pioneers of Michigan territory: Moor Spear genealogy line 1826 Spears, Earl E. researcher
View Record  977.438 Early Early records, Southfield United Presbyterian Church, Oakland County, MI
View Record  975.4/Jackson/O'Brien Early settlers and their contribution to Jackson county and it's (sic) county seat, Ripley, West Virginia O'Brien, Winnifred E.
View Record  975.4/Jackson/O'Brien Early settlers and their contributions to Jackson county and its county seat Ripley, West Virginia O'Brien, Winnefred E.
View Record  974.9/Coo Early Settlers in Trenton and Ewing, N.J. Cooley, Eli F. and William S.
View Record  929.2/Sh/G Early Shumate family migrated from France Gregory, Paul W. and Ruth P.
View Record  977.428/A/Peck Early they came Peck, Lt. Col. Paul R.
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Records: 601 to 650 of 2636