Genetic Genealogy Education

There is one course at
   [1] "Understanding and Using DNA Test Results," Thomas H. Shawker ($$). 
NIGS (based in Toronto) offers basic eight-week online classes taught by renowned instructors for $99. For each class, a new session starts about once a month as given in the drop-down list for each individual class. The overall course list is at 
  [1] "DNA: Autosomal DNA - Testing for Everyone," Shannon Combs-Bennett
  [2] "DNA: Introduction to Genetic Genealogy," Diahan Southard
  [3] "DNA: Tracing Maternal and Paternal Lines," Shannon Combs-Bennett
  [4] "DNA: Historical Studies"
  [5] "DNA: Methodology and Analysis"
  [6] "DNA: Reading & Understanding Articles for Genetic Genealogy"
  [7] "DNA: Special Circumstances-Adoptees & Unknown Parentage"
Courses in genetic genealogy are offered every year at several week-long institutes. There are prerequisites for advanced courses.
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