GSWC -- The First 40 Years


Ralph and Lydia Muncy, Harold Jones appointed to revise Washtenaw County Historical Society (WCHS) bylaws.
First meeting to discuss formation of a genealogy group at Lydia and Ralph Muncy’s on February 24.
Adoption of Genealogy Society Bylaws, submitted to WCHS in April.

GSWC Charter Families

Leigh and Alloa Anderson
William and Polly Bender
Flora Burt
Harold Jones
Betty Knepper
Marguerite Lambert
Kathryn Lohr
Richard Miller
Doris Milliman
Ethelyn Morton
Ralph and Lydia Muncy
Dorothy Ouradnik
Patricia Shaneyfelt
Margaret Sias
James Wolf
GSWC joined the Michigan Genealogical Council in May
Officers are elected, June : Ralph Muncy, president; Polly Bender, secretary-treasurer; Harold Jones, Margaret Sias and Marguerite Lambert, members-at-Iarge. Ralph Muncy and William Bender were chosen as delegates to the Michigan Council with Lydia Muncy and Polly Bender as alternate.
Informal discussions and donations of materials to form a library.  Society produces a mimeographed "Newsletter" occasionally. Later replaced by Tombstone Connections.
Kenneth Coe was the first Librarian. Marquerite Lambert,  first Research Chairman.
Programs added to meetings. Issued first publication "Dating Old Photographs."
1976 Continue meetings at members' homes.
1977 Annual meeting: voted to withdraw from WCHS. Alloa Anderson is program Chaiman.
First meeting at Washtenaw County Community College (WCC) on the first floor of the LMC Building,  March 27. The library also located at WCC.
Meeting attendance averages 55 members per meeting.
  Annual meeting on June 26. Voted to withdraw from the Washtenaw Historical Society.
The Michigan Genealogical Council Seminar is hosted by GSWC at the EMU Hoyt Conference Center on September 11.
Amended Bylaws are adopted on September 25.
  Began publication quarterly with Mary Lou Barry as editor.
1978 Quarterly publication rename Tombstone Connections.
A Genealogy Workshop is held at the Ann Arbor Public Library in April.
WCHS acknowledged withdrawal of the Genealogy Section in June.
First edition of Directory of Cemeteries of Washtenaw County, Michigan published.
Marguerite ("Peggy") is  the first Research Chairman. She started the index file of Washtenaw queries which is in use today.
  Meeting held at WCC Liberal Arts & Science building in  Lecture Hall #1 on Dec 3.
1979 First Issue of Family History Capers published, April. Judy Punnett, editor.  It replaced an earlier publication, Tombstone Connections, containing mostly society news and announcements.


1981 Nancy Krohn elected Family History Capers editor. News included records of Washtenaw County, genealogical contributions from members, and queries.
1982 Workshop held in October at the Holiday Inn on Jackson Rd on "Researching Ancestors in Germany" with Dr. Robert Ward.
1983 Workshop held in October on the "British Isles," presented by Arlene Eakle.
The library moved to the Latter Day Saints (LDS) Family History Center at Hill and Tappan in the in the fall.
Meetings at Hale Auditorium, U of M Business School from January to May.
Meetings at Concordia College, room 109.
1987 "Irish Workshop" in October with Donna Reid Hotaling.
Membership grown to 321 members and organizations.


1990 Workshop in April with  Everton Publishers.
1991 Seminar with Wendy Elliot at WCC Lecture Hall 1 on November 10.
  Reprints of Chapman's “History of Washtenaw County” go on sale, December 10.
Continue to meet at WCC in Lecture Hall 2.
  Alloa Anderson receives the Lucy Mary Kellogg Award (Grand Traverse Genealogy Society).
Marty Carr and Karen Walker resign as long time Cemetery Committee chairs.
Workshop in January at WCC with Everton Publishers.
Marcia McCrary becomes president of GSWC.
Board discusses creating a web presence at January meeting.
The New York Research Special Interest Group meets at Connie Olson’s on February 7.
  Dr. DeWitt Dykes receives the Lucy Mary Kellogg Award (Mid Michigan Gen Society).
Membership at 378 in January.
Sharon Brevoort takes over the fledgling website, reports it up and running in April.
Washtenaw County, Michigan, Plat Maps 1856 and 1864 published, contract signed in September, to come out January 1998. Edited by Mary Liskow and Nancy Krohn.
Second edition of Directory of Cemeteries of Washtenaw County, Michigan published.
Workshop with Desmond Allen at the Morris Lawrence Building, WCC on November 7.
Janet Rohrbacher receives the Lucy Mary Kellogg Award (also member of Livingston GS)
25th Anniversary of GSWC celebrated at Cobblestone Farm in June. A joint meeting with Cobblestone Farm members featuring a potluck with ham and cake..Marcia McCrary speaks on the Campbell and Ticknor families. Silver stickers also purchased.
GSWC WorkshopLeslie Smith Collier  on Oct. 19. The workshop folder features 25th Anniversary stickers. Carolyn Griffin chair.


Michigan Death Records (1889-1892) transcription project through MGC begins in February. Dick Miller coordinator for GSWC.
  Last meeting at the LS&A Building at WCC, May.
The Society contributes money and helps promote the Stockbridge Genealogical Society newspaper microfilming project in June.
Meetings move to St Joe Hospital Patient Education Center in September.
The Library moves from Hill Street to Huron Towers on January 24 to February 1 for building renovations at Hill Street.
Membership at 410 in May.
The GSWC Library moves back to Hill Street in September.
GSWC Workshop with Sandra Luebking at WCC on October 26.
2003 Mary Lou Duncan receives the Lucy Mary Kellogg Award (DSGR and Irish Gen Society).
Hints of a library move to Saline emerge in March.
Library moves to the new Saline LDS church in Saline in July.
30th Anniversary cake at December meeting. Judy Chrisman and Marcia McCrary present histories of their respective organizations. Copies of Mary Liskow’s History of the GSWC are available.


New website goes online in January, hosted by EasyNetSites.
Nancy H. Krohn wins Michigan Genealogical Council's Lucy Mary Kellogg Award in September. 
2012 Collaboration with the Washtenaw County Vital Records Office to provide a genealogy volunteer every Thursday from 10-2 begins in April. Rob Steward volunteer coordinator. 
Family History Capers index reaches 96,482 names in June.
40th Anniversary celebration in May.
  Dick Eastman, nationally known speaker, presents three lectures as part of the 40th anniversary.
  GSWC Bylaws revised.
2015 Published an update to the 1990 History of the Genealogical Society of Washtenaw County, Michigan.
2016 Connie Olson wins the Michigan Genealogical Council's Lucy Mary Kellogg award in November.
11-7-13 Marcia McCrary
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