Film Ordering 101

  1. Beginning Sept. 21st, all microfilms and microfiche are to be ordered personally by you online. The films or fiche will come to and be read at the Family History Center (FHC) as usual. You will receive an email notice when they arrive, as well as a postcard with the due-date for return.
  2. You must have your own email address to order to place a film or fiche order with the LDS Family History Library.
From your home computer, or any computer, 24/7, go to:
  1. At the Online Film Ordering page:
    1. "Sign In" (upper right). Or, you should "Create an Account" … you must have a Family Search Account or a LDS Account to be able to order films and fiche.
    2. After you are enrolled, on this ordering page you can always click on "My Account" (left side) and review all your film and fiche orders and the status of each of them.
    3. See "Ordering Help" (upper right) for how to place an order, how to cancel an order, the full User's Guide, etc.
  1. Microfiche Loans.
(Note. All microfiche numbers begin with the number 6, as in 6042127.)
  1. All microfiche loans are a form of extended loan and they remain indefinitely at the FHC.
  2. New cost of a microfiche loan: $4.75 each.
  3. Whether the microfiche record consists of just one fiche card, or of 100 fiche cards, the price of the loan is the same ($4.75).
As many FHC patrons know, microfiche orders take longer than films to get here. (Films when on "backorder" or "vault" status also take longer to arrive. But generally films arrive in 10-20 days.)
Best wishes,
Wally Patrick
FHC Dir.